Casey and Cooper


Casey and Cooper

I was so excited to ask Casey (and Cooper) to be my October blog spot. They have been working with Little Friends since September of 2012. To look back and say that they have been with us for a year now, blows my mind. I remember the first day Casey called into Little Friends.

I cant wait to share with you her story. Also, to keep in mind when I sent Casey a text, asking her to be my October Blog Spotlight, I immediately received a  text back from Casey Perry saying: “Cooper will be so excited when I tell him. He’s always wanted to be famous!” Needless to say,  I knew I was in for a treat….

Lauren: When did you get Cooper?

Casey: I got him from a breeder in Virginia. I had wanted a dog for so long. I had even had an imaginary dog, named Jack. Finally senior year of college I moved somewhere I could  have a dog. I researched on the breed of dog that I wanted for two years.  I knew I wanted a big cuddly dog that was sweet and wanted to lie everywhere, and that dog was born in 2010.

Lauren: How many in the litter? Why Cooper?:

Casey: Nine in the litter. I was town between the two males.  I was about to put him back to be with the other litter mates on my first visit of visiting the breeder with her pups. Right when I was putting him back with his litter mates he looked at me. smiled big and stuck his tongue out. I was immediately in love.


Lauren: Where did you get the name Cooper?

Casey: Cooper’s Barb-B-Que in Raliegh (Go Wolfpack!) and everyone in my family has the same intitals CP, so we had to keep it in the family.

Lauren: How was the puppy experience?

Casey: I was in law school at Carolina at the time. I was busy, but studying a lot at home. He was great company. I also had two female roommates at the time. That’s how Cooper came to be such a ladies’ man. He was great at being crate trained, very easy. I think he maybe had one accident in the home. He picked it up quickly.


Lauren: Describe his personality?

Casey: Happy go lucky, just wants to be loved. I think him growing up with three girls, he didn’t have any other chance but to be super loving and charming. He wants to be best friends with the small dogs and never considers his own size when being introduced. He’s my 80lbs. lap dog.


Lauren: What do you feed him?

Casey: I think its natural choice. I could tell you what the bag looks like (smiles). I try to do no chicken, just red meat. I also love to use products that will make him shed.  I just bought the automatic vacuum that I got off for 1/2 price. Its called the Neato and is set to work at 2am in the morning. Its wonderful! A life saver!

Lauren: His favorite activities?

Casey:He loves to go to my families farm or to the lake.


Lauren: How did he adjust to Charlotte?

Casey: I was really worried about coming to Charlotte, and him having to adjust. I was going to be living on my own and he had never been alone in the day. My schedule was going to be tough at first. Some days I get home at 6pm or 7pm, and some days at 11pm or 12am and that’s a long time without a potty break.  That’s when I decided this southern country girl had moved to the city, and it was time to get a pet sitter! I felt like such a diva!

Lauren: How did you decide on Little Friends Pet Sitting?

Casey: I created a spreadsheet. I compared multiple companies on the spreadsheet, and used deciding factors like who was accredited with Better Business Bureau (BBB) and reviews from Google. Little Friends had a great website. Great reviews. It was the biggest decision I had to make after moving to Charlotte. Looking back I know I made the best decision.  Little Friends was a smooth process immediately. My pet sitter came over to introduce himself, and perform the consultation. I was immediately put at ease.


Lauren: Whats your favorite quality about your pet sitter?

Casey: I can tell he really loves dogs. Cooper loves him, and they are daily afternoon walking ‘buds’. I love me sitters notes and texts. It puts a smile on my face right in the middle of my busy hectic day. I know that he is taken care of. I also love how I can email you(office) crazy emails that mostly make no sense, and you do your best to try to figure out my needs.


Lauren: What is his favorite treat?

Casey: Every night I cut up an apple. Together we eat the apple, he will even eat the core and stem. He eats pretty much anything, celery…, anything I eat, he will eat! He loves the pantry. I better not leave it open when running late to work! Or my pet sitter will walk into a trash surprise on the floor.


Lauren: What is Cooper’s “style”?

Casey:  Cooper is a good ole’ fashioned southern gentleman. He has a North Carolina flag collar, or a NC State collar. NC State game days he will wear his jersey! He’s a yellow lab, a little preppy man!


Lauren: What are his tricks?

Casey: He knows,”Sugar, almost said like shuga” meaning to give me kisses. He also knows to say his blessings before dinner time, at that time he says thanks for his mom ;) , grandparents, water, toys, and his pet sitter all while lying on the floor with his paws crossed. I’ll show you!

(He really does say his prayers)


That’s how we concluded the interview. With Cooper bowing his head  crossing his paws, and giving thanks for the day before dinner time.  (what a typical southern boy).

From the beginning it was wonderful meeting Cooper and Casey. Casey is such a fun girl. She has a very demanding schedule and Cooper has adjusted well to living with just his mom and visits from his pet sitter daily. She takes such great care of him and he does the same for her as well.


In the end, like the the quote goes, “Whoever said diamonds are a girls best friend, never owned a dog.” With Casey and Cooper I know this quote is true.

Casey, Little Friends Pet Sitting will continue to make you a satisfied client and we thank you for giving us the support and business that you have in the past year and a half.


Snazzy September Pet Family


Lara, Rudy, Jax, and Lucy

By: Lauren Frank

I had the pleasure of meeting Lara, Rudy, and their pups Jax and Lucy a couple of weeks ago. What a fun pet family!  Lara and Rudy have just moved into a new home, and Jax and Lucy have easily made their way to the top as king and queen of their new palace.

Q: What are your pet’s names and where did you get both of them?

L: Lucy, the black one, was rescued from a Humane Society in Vermont, she was 1 year old. When they found her, she had been wondering around a Wal-Mart parking lot and had just arrived at the facility the day before. Within five minutes of meeting her, we had fallen in love with her. They had originally given her the name Missy; however, she is clearly a Lucy! Strangers often judge her because of the pit bull traits; however she is great with kids and very gentle. She loves food, cuddling and her brother, Jax.  Jax was rescued from the Humane Society of Charlotte, he was 10 weeks old.  It was love within minutes again!  The Humane society gave him the name Chubs which we changed to Jax when he came home.  We brought him home and Lucy accepted him quickly, they have been inseparable since.


Q: Any issues you have had have to deal with in regards to them both being “rescues”?

L: He (Jax) has separation anxiety.

R: We tried to crate him but would bend a crate in and totally freak out. We worried he would hurt himself.

L: We tried a doggy day care and it was a horrible situation. Lucy got bit and Jax hated it. We have since gotten a trainer and Jax is on Prozac twice a day, given through pill pockets.  We also started using Little Friends Pet Sitting,  for two 45 minute visits a day. With age, training and LOTS of PATIENCE and love, he has turned out to be a really great dog.

Q: Most expensive items that they have chewed up?

R: Couches, table, window sills, you name it, he would eat it.  We have eliminated the opportunity of Jax being able to chew things up, by giving them their “dog den”. He is so happy here.

L: They go into their den every morning before work, the pet sitter comes for a visit and playtime mid-day, then back into their den for a couple of hours until mom and dad arrive home. They in essence have their own “apartment”.


Q: What made you decided you wanted a second one

L: Lucy seemed lonely, and we always wanted two

Q:  What is the normal schedule?

L: Wake up, go outside, eat breakfast then go into their room.  Amanda ( Little Friends Pet Sitter) comes for a 45 minute mid-day visit, plays with them for half of time in the yard and goes for a walk for the remaining time.  Rudy comes home around 4:30pm and its more play time, then dinner, chill time and then bed time.

Q: Do they sleep in the bed with you?

R&L: THEY DO! However, they do love their KONG beds.


Q: What do they eat?

L: (Laughs) Boiled Chicken and dry dog food. They love it. I believe it keeps their coats shiny, we also add a drop of olive oil.

R: A little more chicken than dry food

Q: What are Jax and Lucy’s favorite treats?

L: Hotdogs! Lucy also loves the Just6 Rachel Ray treats and Jax loves cheese.  Their favorite toys are elk antlers.

Q: What are the Certain qualities which you could not live without?

R: The “love-ability” that Lucy has. And the fact they are the cutest and sweetest duo. They are always making sure they are close to one another.

L: Lucy will always greet you with joy and no matter what type of day you have had, Lucy can make you smile.  Also, every day I come home from work, Jax makes this noise, almost like a cat purring, that puts a smile on my face and makes me happy to be home.

R: I love their ears! One of my favorite qualities of our pups.



Q: Best memory?

R: We are so happy that we have finally gotten to a peaceful point with Jax. It was such a struggle with the separation anxiety and  trying to maintain  a normal life, it took its toll on us. We had to visit with doctors, trainers, and pet care providers and find a solution and we, as dog owners, were not going to be satisfied until we found an answer.  We were adamant on finding the solution, and not making his problem, someone else’s problem, by giving him up.

Q:  Are they scared of anything?

L: Loud noises

R: STATUES! Our neighbor has put up gnomes and other yard statues in their back yard. Every time Lucy goes out back, she will bark out from the fence. It’s random statues that she does not like. She even notices when new ones have been added to the collection.

Q: Do they have a particular style?

R: It changes…

L: Rudy wants Jax to have the leather spike collar, biker boy, tough look all the time

R: I do, I like that.

L: (Smiles) Lucy prefers flowers and pink girlie collars.



Q: What do they think of their pet sitter, Amanda?

L: They both love her but Jax especially loves Amanda. We think he has a big crush on her. She often refers to Jax as her boyfriend. She does a great job at taking care of our pups on a regular basis, when we can’t.

Q: What do you do when you go out of town?

L: We love boarding them at Wickersham’s K-9 Ranch. Boarding in crates does not work for our pups and Wickersham’s offers family rooms, with no crates.  We bring their beds and toys and they can be with each other.  The staff sends pictures while we are away, and the facility is on 30 acres or so of land including a large pond.  They have it all fenced in, so the dogs can play outside freely. They also offer pick-up and delivery of the dogs from the home.

R: I was never big on putting them in crates and we found Wickersham’s and they made us feel great and at ease.

After doing this interview with Lara, Rudy, I know they are great parents to their pups. They cherish every moment with their pet family and have made it a point to include Jax and Lucy into their everyday lives. Thanks Lara and Rudy, it was a pleasure meeting you face to face. Little Friends Pet Sitting will continue to make you satisfied clients and we thank you for giving us the support and business that you have in the past year and a half.