What we are thankful for…

Hi there! Happy November. My favorite month of the whole year. Usually, I write about our clients and many have asked me, “What about you?” or “Whats your pet family?” So this month, I have decided I am going to give you a little bit of background knowledge of myself, Mollie and Scotch.


I am turning 30 this month! Yep, the big 3-0! My mother is so kind and loving as to be taking me to NYC to celebrate my birthday with her and my best friend. Do you think Little Friends can manage while I go out of town… we will see won’t we ;)


I have two dogs. Mollie is the oldest. She is almost 7 years old. She is a rescue. When Mollie was rescued by Tri-County Animal Rescue she had a set date to be euthanized.  Gaston County Animal Care and Control found her and her litter mates trying to nurse from their deceased mother who had been hit by a car in a hotel parking lot. Due to the cost of raising puppies, Gaston County was just going to euthanize them. Tri County Animal Rescue came in, asked to take the entire litter and Gaston County approved.


Mind you, I have always wanted a dog of my own, however, I did have to wait until I graduated college to get a dog (my parents rules). I knew I wanted a rescue and that was about it. I went to Petsmart on a Friday night. They had 3 of the puppies there from that litter. I fell in love with one of the male puppies, he had one blue eye and one brown eye. I  started to ask the volunteers about the breed, etc, and then she said, “if you come back tomorrow, I will have his sister here, She has one blue eye and one brown eye as well.” Leaving the store, I started my contemplation about whether or not I “needed” a dog.

Needless to say, I woke up at 7am on Saturday and headed out to Petsmart. I had officially decided I was going to rescue one of these dogs. The entire litter was there, playful, and such happy pups, and there in the corner all to herself was my “Mollie”. She wasn’t interested in saying “hello” to everyone, she seemed somewhat traumatized on what had been going on. I picked her up and I have not let her go since!


“Who rescued who?” Mollie rescued me. She has been there for me through a lot. Almost turning 30, I got her when I was 23.  We have been through the party stage together, the waitress jobs, the births of my nieces and nephews, the break ups with boyfriends, the tiny apartments, and now at this point, the big girl job and the nice luxury condo. She comes to work with me everyday and lies at my feet, not moving unless I leaving the office. I can take her anywhere, no leash needed, as she stands beside me at all times. She is there for me whenever I may need her love. She protects me. She is my best friend.


Now, Scotch’s turn. Laugh out loud… they say sometimes God throws you a curve ball, with this little guy he sure did!


Last year, Terry (owner of Little Friends) contacted me and said, “You are never going to believe this. A huge puppy mill near Wilmington has been raided. The Humane Society  is in dire need of fosters. The puppy mill was made up of two double wide trailers, no AC or heat, and 188 dogs.” Devastated to hear news like that, Terry asked if I would be willing to help her foster if she were to volunteer. Of course I thought, what could be so bad?

I met Yara, the Yorkie, on Monday morning walking into work. She was in my office. Terrified of her new setting. and about to pop- she was pregnant! Oh my gosh, what did we get ourselves into? We started to do research on Yorkies  and even more research about what to do when they are delivering puppies. Thinking back, everything we read, we could have written our own book on all the knowledge we had gained.


I met Yara and she started to get adjusted to me. Terry walked in and first thing she says to me, ” You going to take one of her pups?” I felt my response was great, saying “only if its a boy and hes ALL tan color.” Chances to me seemed very odd that would ever happen. If only I knew.

Of course, Yara, whom we had made office assistant of Little Friends wanted to stay with us a little longer, fresh food, water, warm bedding, she was now living the life she had deserved from the beginning. However, she still hated men. Three weeks later, it was time for Yara to deliver. It was a Saturday afternoon, Terry had left the office to run errands and Jon (Little Friends Owner) had to come to the office and get something.


Yara, started barking and he looked into her warm bed and realized their was a puppy in there! Since she didn’t like men he called me in a MAYDAY MAYDAY situation. I had to help her, so I got in the car immediately and drove to Little Friends Office. By the time I had gotten there, .I looked in her whelping box, and there was one darker colored pup (a big boy), and now a darker colored female. We kept peeping in the box to see if another had come. Finally, a white female came out third, and of course, last but not least, was a tan colored male. I then was extremely shocked and it hit me like ton of bricks that I was about to have a second dog!


Yara did everything herself. I guess puppy mill pups are used to that kind of thing. I had brought gloves, syringes, the whole nine yards, thinking this was going to be a crazy situation. Yara however, did everything herself. We didn’t need to read books, this was probably her 5th or 6th time doing this herself.

Puppies. 4 puppies. Whoa, was a lot! We cared for them, and found all of them homes including Yara, so that we did not have to return them back to the Humane Society.


We had to take them all to the Humane Society for one night, so they could get spayed or neutered , and all shots. Then I got to take tiny runt Scotch home.


Scotch sure did change up our schedule. We had to get a crate, start the potty training, buy little boy dog clothes (it was winter). Waking up in the middle of the night to go outside, whimpering because he wanted to be a big boy and get in the bed with Mollie and I at night. At first, I was worried that Mollie would hate me. As the year had passed, I have come to realize this is just what Mollie needed. Someone who broke all the rules, was hard to potty train, needs a leash everywhere we go, wants to be friends with everyone, and is carefree. The complete opposite of her.


Now, they are my duo. I hate to be separated from them as they do me. They both come to work with me everyday, sleep in the bed with me every night, I make their own food for them, a walk everyday, dog park every weekend, and love them both unconditionally.

I know I would not be who I am today without the both of them.


Top 10 reasons I am thankful for Scotch and Mollie

1. The love they give me
2. The fact that I can lean over and say “kisses” and they both kiss me (lick me)
3. I am never alone- my constant companions
4. They joy in their eyes and the loud panting when we are pulling into my mother’s neighborhood because they get to see her pups, and they know exactly where we are.
5. They are my security guards, they will bark at anything. High Alert at night.
6. The toys all over the house, even if I put them away seconds ago,
7. Mollies one blue and one brown eye and Scotch’s terrible under bite
8. They like to compete and see who is the fastest runner, its different every day.
9. Scotch likes to clean Mollie’s face, fur, ears, anything, and she lets him.
10. They makeup “MY’ family.

Top 10 things I think my dogs are thankful for:

1. I will give them anything and take them anywhere
2. Bedtime
3. Scotch likes to go to The Barker Lounge once a week, get energy out, and play with other pups. Mollie and I get to enjoy girl mommy time without the stinky boy :)
4. Chewnolas and BusyBones
5. The food I make them
6. Walks
7. My job and that they get to come with me everyday
8. Beach! and dog parks suffice
9. Mollie loves Frisbees and Scotch loves stuffed babies, he is currently in love with a stuffed newspaper roll that makes crinkle noise at the slightest touch.
10. I saved them