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We are so happy to be working with them, and hope you enjoy our site as not only a place to schedule services, but also as a resource tool on learning about pet health, animals events, and how to stay involved with the latest new trends regarding pets!



Reflections By Rhiannon

Reflections by Rhiannon does an amazing job on any kind of portraits you may need. From announcements to pet portraits, no job is too big.

She has a beautiful studio with many set up props and even does off site photography as well. She supports the Humane Society often and many times she does discounted pet portraits for the holidays – all to benefit the HSC. Just donate to the Humane Society or bring in a bag of dog food and you will receive a discounted rate.

Rhiannon, we cannot wait to work with you again. It was a pleasure! We love your work and will continue to refer you as a great pet photographer! Thank you from Little Friends Pet Sitting and all the pups who enjoyed their “Glamour Shot” moments!

For more information about Rhiannon and her Portrait Boutique, please visit her website.

Reflections by Rhiannon
307 Atherton Street
Charlotte, NC 28203

Pet Allergies and How to Help!

Puppy Scratching fleas

I read this wonderful article on While we (humans) suffer with allergies, we have many medications and supplements that can help ease our suffering. The poor pet family members are not as lucky as us. It’s hard for them to avoid these elements.

Some great tips and pointers from this article:

  • Symptoms include excessive itching, licking, hair loss, or hot spots
  • Dogs suffer from allergies more than cats
  • Cats, if suffering, show signs of hair loss or open sores
  • Wipe paws off if you’ve been outside with your pet
  • Remove your human shoes at the door 😉
  • House dust mites and house dust is the most common allergen. So, keep your home clean and dust free.
  • Benadryl works for the pups!
  • Allergy tests on your pet can be performed, however, are costly.
  • Keep is flea free
  • Limit pet’s intake to lots of protein and vegetables and see if there is a change- it’s a great first step!

Does your pet have allergies? Have to taken any steps to help with this? If so, what?

What is Grain Free Pet Food, Really?

grain free pet food diet

After noticing a rash on one of my dog’s tummy, I contacted my vet. I scheduled an appointment, when asked what food I fed my pup, I told the vet Blue Buffalo. The vet then asked if I had ever considered going Grain Free to see if this was the issue. To be honest, what does grain free food really mean? So I decided to first start looking into online resources about the actual definition of grain free.

I read this article on and it has really helped with my introductory knowledge of pets being on a grain free diet. Here are some highlights of the knowledge that I gained while doing research:

  • Grain free diets came about more for the consumer preference then what your pet really needs. It is true however, that many pets do great with this diet change.
  • Just like no one pet is the same, no one diet works for every pet. I like how the article stated “no pet food is a one-size-fits –all nutritional solution
  • Grain free does not mean carb free. Potatoes (“sweet potatoes” preferred by my pups) are often used in grain free diets.
  • Grain free is not more natural. Our pets have evolved and are able to digest grains and carbohydrates.
  • Grain Free doesn’t necessarily mean is will help with food allergies. Corn is one of the least likely sources of food allergies. Beef is the highest.

Nonetheless, I have switched over to a grain free diet for my pups. They seem to enjoy it the same. I also give them Nupro, a great all natural supplement, and they enjoy their roasted sweet potato, dry food and broth mixture topped with a little cheese J for dinner every night! My pup’s rash is not all the way better, but the severity of it has decreased greatly.

Have you tried the grain free diet? Do you like the idea of it? What are your questions or concerns about it?

7th Annual Woofstock

Peace, Love & Rescue!

When: September 12, 2015.

Who: Hosted by Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love and Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue.

What: Silent Auction, Vendors, Live Music, Food & Drinks and Adoptable Pups!

Where: Amos’ Southend (1423 S. Tryon St.)







g. Tryon St St