One event, two great causes: the PAWTISM Festival!




What are you getting into this Labor Day weekend?  If you are looking for something fun and free to do, come join Little Friends this Saturday through Monday at the Pawtism Festival in Matthews!  This is a wonderful kid and pet friendly event that supports two great causes, Autism and Animal Rescue Groups.

  This is a family friendly event hosted by Plantation Animal Hospital and will take place a block from Matthews Alive!  There will be a bounce house and 2 Chicks and a Truck providing food.  There is also a face painting booth and live Jazz entertainment throughout the event.   Local Rescue group, Yorkie Haven Rescue will be on site to raise awareness about Animal Rescue.  And Reagan’s Wish will be there as well raising awareness about Autism.  There will be a lot of vendors, arts and crafts for sale as well.  The festival will be at 135 W. John Street Matthews, NC.  The hours are Saturday from 10-6 pm, Sunday 12-5 pm and Monday 10-5 pm.  

The Little Friends team looks forward to seeing each and every one of you, get ready for an awesome event that supports two great causes!  Have a safe Labor Day Weekend and stay cool:)

Celebrating the Dogs!

Do you have dogs?  Because we all do, and 8.26.2014 is the tenth annual National Dog Day!  Founded in 2004 by pet lifestyle expert and author Colleen Paige, this day is solely devoted to all of the fur babies in the nation. puppy with american flag large

Not that we do not already celebrate our dogs and give them a lot of love everyday, but on Tuesday make sure to give your dogs extra love and attention.  Our team is going to try and complete this entire list, you should too!  Have fun and tag Little Friends so we can see what you are doing to celebrate your fur babies!  Click this link,!celebrate/cee5, if you want 20 fun ways to celebrate National Dog Day!  Do not forget to thank your pup for their endearing patience, unquestioning loyalty,  their work, their capacity for love and their ability to impact our lives everyday in the most miraculous ways.  From everyone here in the Little Friends office, Happy National Dog Day! 

Local Humane Society Wish List

Help us help Charlotte’s local Humane Society fulfill their current wish list!  The Humane Society of Charlotte, just like every other shelter and rescue group has a wish list with items that are in need for their furry friends.  Little Friends needs your help, spread the word and share the link in this article to get these items to The Humane Society of Charlotte!


Here is a list of just some of the items needed:

Cleaning & Animal Care Supplies

  • Disposable Poop Bags (no dispensers needed – just rolls of bags)
  • Culturelle (sold at any drug store)
  • Washable fleece beds for the cats to lounge
  • Pet wipes
  • Kitty nappers and huts
  • Heating pads to warm little bottle feeders
  • Bath towels, bath mats with rubber backs, flat sheets and baby receiving blankets
  • Chicken broth or bullion
  • Metal cat & dog bowls
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Broom length scrub brushes w/o swivel heads
  • 13 and 55 gallon trash bags
  • Clorox bleach (regular formula)
  • Febreze spray
  • Swifter sheets (dry & wet)
  • Paper towels
  • Dish soap
  • Kitchen sponges
  • Blankets, comforters, fleece throws (no comforters or quilts, please – they are too large for us to wash)
  • Dog beds

Please go to if you would like to see the complete wish list.  If you would like to drop off items, you can take them to 2700 Toomey Ave. Charlotte, NC 28203.  Questions? Call them at 704.377.0534.  Thank you for helping Little Friends help Charlotte’s local Humane Society!  704.377.0534704.377.0534

Puppies up for Adoption!

Little Friends is now working with local Rescue groups and Shelters to foster animals and help find their permanent homes!  Please help us spread the word, we will post pictures and the information needed if you are interested in adopting them!  The picture below are the first puppies we were lucky enough to foster last week.  So sweet and adorable!  They came from the Humane Society of Charlotte off Toomey Avenue.

puppies 2

They are 6 week old sisters and are Rottweiler and Shepard mix.  The babies have their shots, are spayed and are currently being crate trained and potty trained.  The girls are very sweet, love to play and are great with any kind of dog.  We were fostering them in our office here in Dilworth and were sad to give them back to The Humane Society last week!  Please help us find them their furever homes!  If you know anyone interested in adopting these puppies please go to the Humane Society at 2700 Toomey Ave
Charlotte, NC.  Or give them a call at (704) 377-0534.  Please ask for Linda, she is in charge of fostering.  Spread the word and help us find these puppies a home, only serious inquiries to the Humane Society, please.  

Swaddling for pets!

A lot of high energy dogs have anxiety and if you are not sure if your dog may be a breed that is prone to anxiety, please ask your vet!  Anxiety for dogs is just as serious as it is for people, so please take care of your fur babies!  For those of you who have not heard of these, there are shirts for dogs with anxiety.  There is a company, Thundershirt that makes anxiety jackets for all dogs, of any size!   Here is a picture of one of our dogs with his Thundershirt, he absolutely loves it!


We notice an immense difference once we put the Thundershirt on our dog, it’s like he is a different dog!  Whether your pet suffers during thunderstorms, separation or during travel-you should invest in one of these!  Four reasons to get a Thundershirt:

  • Most effective anxiety solution as voted by veterinarians.
  • Already helping hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats across the country.
  • Great for storms, separation, travel and many other anxieties.
  • No need for training or medication.

“ThunderShirt’s patented design applies a gentle, constant pressure that has a dramatic calming effect for over 80% of dogs.”  This is based on a survey done by Thundershirt, from 2,000 of their customers.  Experts have been applying pressure to patients and animals for years to alleviate anxiety.  They say it has a calming effect on the nervous system and allows endorphins to be released.  The same goes for our fur babies, here are four steps on how to get it on your fur baby for the first time:  

STEP ONE: Place the ThunderShirt on your dog’s back and wrap the Short Flap under the torso.  STEP TWO: Wrap the Long Flap under the torso and secure with fasteners onto the short flap. Make a comfortable, but snug, fit. You should be able to easily slide your fingers between the ThunderShirt and your dog’s torso.  STEP THREE: Wrap the Top Flap down onto the Long Flap and secure with fasteners. Adjust to improve the snug fit and keep ThunderShirt securely in place.  STEP FOUR: Wrap the Neck Straps around the front of the dog and secure with fasteners. You should be able to easily slide your fingers under the Neck Straps and should not feel restricting around your dog’s neck.

If you are interested in buying one you can get them online or at Petsmart.  Here is a link to buy one for your fur baby,

Happy swaddling!


Birds are not the only ones who Nest!

Have you ever wondered why your dog scratches ferociously and runs around in circles at their bed before they lay down to nap or go to bed?  My Chihuahua has done this since she was a baby and I have always wondered why Charlotte does it.  Now our Vizsla does it, watching a 55 pound dog nest is really cute!  As I just watch them both “dig their beds” within a bed, couch or blanket before they lay down I can not help but wonder what are they really doing?



Apparently, before dogs were domesticated 100 years ago, they would dig at the ground to make their spot warmer and more comfy instead of laying on the flat ground.  Dogs also are marking their territory, they scratch and scratch and run around in circles, then dig and dig to get their scent on their things.  Pretty smart, the sweat glands on their paws make it possible for them to mark their bed, blankets or specific spot on the couch.  Here is a video of a GSP nesting, so precious…click on the link below:


Does your dog pronk?

Recently I learned what pronking is and it is hilarious if you actually see a dog doing it!  Alpacas, gazelles, some deer and baby lambs are all known to pronk.  That is, they leap into the air as if leaping for joy, lifting all four feet off the ground at once. The fact that – in some species like sheep – young animals do it more than older ones does suggest playfulness. But, among wild animals, pronking may be a way of avoiding predators. It means something like, “Hey, I’m very fit so don’t bother chasing me.”  But dogs?  Yes, dogs pronk and my husband pointed it out when our Vizsla was doing it.  I had never heard of it before.  When he gets really excited, he runs around the room and flails his body up and down, he almost looks like a donkey.  It is hilarious, this is what it looks like mid-air, but this is a Springbok.



Dogs are always communicating with their owners and people in general, this will be helpful next time your animal is trying to get your attention.  Since dogs can not speak English, they speak “dog” and every dog is different in the way they try to get their owner’s attention.  Although it is a survival strategy for some, the word pronk comes from the verb pronk, which means show off or strut. It has the same linguistic derivation as our English verb “prance.”   Next time when you see an animal pronk, you can’t but think it’s leaping for joy.  There our dogs go teaching us new things again!  Happy pronking!






Save the date, 8.23.14 because it’s Pageant Pup!

There are fashion shows for people, so why not for our fur babies?  Here is your opportunity to watch pups of all breeds to compete and strut their stuff to benefit one of NC’s non-profit organizations, Friends of the Animals.  They are going to build a state-of-the art animal adoption and education center with a spay/neuter clinic from the proceeds. The new center, located in Mooresville at Exit 31, will serve the entire Lake Norman Region, Iredell and Mecklenburg Counties by caring for 150 adoptable dogs and cats. You can’t miss this fun event coming up! Join Little Friends in Mooresville, NC for the coolest fashion show of the year, Saturday, August 23rd at 5:00 pm, at the historic Langtree Plantation.

pageant pic            photo courtesy of

Tickets are $35/per pup, if you register before August 16th.  Schedule of Events are as follows: 5:00 pm On-Site Registration, 6:00 pm CURRENTS Commodore Cover Dog Search Contest begins & 7:30 announced! Please come out and support Deborah Bell’s pageant to achieve her goal of raising $50,000 for Friends of the Animals, at the Historic Langtree Plantation. The address is 554 Langtree Road Mooresville, NC.  Stop by and see us at the Little Friends table, we look forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones!