Last week to donate for Project HALO!

Donations are still being accepting here at the office, only five more days if you want to drop off donations.  Unopened toys and treats will be accepted until Saturday, February 28th!  All donations benefit Project HALO Animal Rescue Group here in Charlotte:)



project halo

Please stay tuned  and check our website, under the “Pawz 4 Giving” tab for updates on our quarterly drives and events!  If you have any questions please contact Jennifer at

What to feed your pups?

What do you feed your pups?  I am in the process of switching over my two pup’s dry food, opinions welcomed:)  The other girls in the office feed their dogs Blue Buffalo, I think this brand is great and will probably slowly transition mine into that as well.  What are the brands you all have tried, and have had good experiences with?  AKA your pups loved it!

I try to feed my family healthy food, so please keep it in the grain, soy, wheat, egg, etc. FREE.  I want my pups to live their longest and healthiest lifestyle possible!

dog food

So how do you select the right food?  Here are some tips from a great article I found.  According to Cesar Milan, do be picky when you are deciding among commercial dry food.  Do find one that is preserved by the use of Vitamin E or natural preservatives.  High-quality commercial dog food is recommended vs. the raw food – due to no evidence of it actually providing advantages for your pet.  You also run risks with raw foods.  Prioritize nutritional needs for your pet and consider allergies, if you are unsure..visit your vet.  Lastly, RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH.  That is what I am about to do, aside from word of mouth from my wonderful coworkers!

The Knuckle Test

We know sometimes pet’s can get over or under weight, just like people!  According to a recent study, “veterinarians consider 47 percent of their patients overweight or obese.”  This will help you at home, deciding if your pup is over or underweight by using the Knuckle Test.  There are two ways to do the “knuckle test:”

One version is by make a loose fist with your hand. Run your fingers over the back of your hand, then over your knuckles, then over the back of your fingers near the knuckles. If your dog or cat’s ribs feel like the bones in the back of your hand (as in, you can’t feel them very well) then they’re probably overweight. If their ribs feel like your knuckles, then they’re probably underweight. And if your pet’s ribs feel like the backs of your fingers — meaning you can feel each rib but there’s some padding around them — then your pet is probably at just the right weight.

The second version is a little different, you can do this by making a tight fist and run your fingers over your knuckles. Each bone is prominent. If your pet’s rib cage feels like this, they’re underweight. Then hold your hand flat and run your fingers over your knuckles. You can feel each knuckle but not quite as easily. There’s a little padding there. If your pet’s ribs feel like this, they’re probably at the ideal weight. And finally, flex your hand tight, stretching your fingers as far back as they’ll go, and you guessed it, run your fingers over your knuckles. It’s not nearly so easy to feel your knuckles. If your pet’s ribs feel like this, it’s time to cut back on the treats and bump up the exercise.

bark post pic at rest.

If you have a hard time figuring out if your pet is over or under weight by the knuckle test, it may be worth taking a trip to see your vet.  Extra pounds on a cat or dog means higher odds of having arthritis, heart and respiratory conditions, heat stroke, skin conditions and a whole range of other related health problems.

 If the conclusion is they need to shed a few pounds, here are 4 simple steps towards slimming down your pet:

1. No more table scraps.

2. Cut back on the treats.

3. More exercise! (incorporate slowly)

4. Stop free feeding.

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