What we are thankful for….

Hi there! Happy November. My favorite month of the whole year. Usually, I write about our clients and many have asked me, “What about you?” or “Whats your pet family?” So this month, I have decided I am going to give you a little bit of background knowledge of myself, Mollie and Scotch.

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I am turning 30 this month! Yep, the big 3-0! My mother is so kind and loving as to be taking me to NYC to celebrate my birthday with her and my best friend. Do you think Little Friends can manage while I go out of town… we will see won’t we ;)


I have two dogs. Mollie is the oldest. She is almost 7 years old. She is a rescue. When Mollie was rescued by Tri-County Animal Rescue she had a set date to be euthanized.  Gaston County Animal Care and Control found her and her litter mates trying to nurse from their deceased mother who had been hit by a car in a hotel parking lot. Due to the cost of raising puppies, Gaston County was just going to euthanize them. Tri County Animal Rescue came in, asked to take the entire litter and Gaston County approved.

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Mind you, I have always wanted a dog of my own, however, I did have to wait until I graduated college to get a dog (my parents rules). I knew I wanted a rescue and that was about it. I went to Petsmart on a Friday night. They had 3 of the puppies there from that litter. I fell in love with one of the male puppies, he had one blue eye and one brown eye. I  started to ask the volunteers about the breed, etc, and then she said, “if you come back tomorrow, I will have his sister here, She has one blue eye and one brown eye as well.” Leaving the store, I started my contemplation about whether or not I “needed” a dog.

Needless to say, I woke up at 7am on Saturday and headed out to Petsmart. I had officially decided I was going to recue one of these dogs. The entire litter was there, playful, and such happy pups, and there in the corner all to herself was my “Mollie”. She wasn’t interested in saying “hello” to everyone, she seemed somewhat traumatized on what had been going on. I picked her up and I have not let her go since!

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“Who rescued who?” Mollie rescued me. She has been there for me through a lot. Almost turning 30, I got her when I was 23.  We have been through the party stage together, the waitress jobs, the births of my nieces and nephews, the break ups with boyfriends, the tiny apartments, and now at this point, the big girl job and the nice luxury condo. She comes to work with me everyday and lies at my feet, not moving unless I leaving the office. I can take her anywhere, no leash needed, as she stands beside me at all times. She is there for me whenever I may need her love. She protects me. She is my best friend.


Now, Scotch’s turn. Laugh out loud… they say sometimes God throws you a curve ball, with this little guy he sure did!


Last year, Terry (owner of Little Friends) contacted me and said, “You are never going to believe this. A huge puppy mill near Wilmington has been raided. The Humane Society  is in dire need of fosters. The puppy mill was made up of two double wide trailers, no AC or heat, and 188 dogs.” Devastated to hear news like that, Terry asked if I would be willing to help her foster if she were to volunteer. Of course I thought, what could be so bad?

I met Yara, the Yorkie, on Monday morning walking into work. She was in my office. Terrified of her new setting. and about to pop- she was pregnant! Oh my gosh, what did we get ourselves into? We started to do research on Yorkies  and even more research about what to do when they are delivering puppies. Thinking back, everything we read, we could have written our own book on all the knowledge we had gained.

Iphone4 338

I met Yara and she started to get adjusted to me. Terry walked in and first thing she says to me, ” You going to take one of her pups?” I felt my response was great, saying “only if its a boy and hes ALL tan color.” Chances to me seemed very odd that would ever happen. If only I knew.

Of course, Yara, whom we had made office assistant of Little Friends wanted to stay with us a little longer, fresh food, water, warm bedding, she was now living the life she had deserved from the beginning. However, she still hated men. Three weeks later, it was time for Yara to deliver. It was a Saturday afternoon, Terry had left the office to run errands and Jon (Little Friends Owner) had to come to the office and get something.

Iphone4 388

Yara, started barking and he looked into her warm bed and realized thier was a puppy in there! Since she didn’t like men he called me in a MAYDAY MAYDAY situation. I had to help her, so I got in the car immediately and drove to Little Friends Office. By the time I had gotten there, .I looked in her whelping box, and there was one darker colored pup (a big boy), and now a darker colored female. We kept peeping in the box to see if another had come. Finally, a white female came out third, and of course, last but not least, was a tan colored male. I then was extremely shocked and it hit me like ton of bricks that I was about to have a second dog!

Iphone4 515

Yara did everything herself. I guess puppy mill pups are used to that kind of thing. I had brought gloves, syringes, the whole nine yards, thinking this was going to be a crazy situation. Yara however, did everything herself. We didn’t need to read books, this was probably her 5th or 6th time doing this herself.

Puppies. 4 puppies. Whoa, was a lot! We cared for them, and found all of them homes including Yara, so that we did not have to return them back to the Humane Society.

Iphone4 409

We had to take them all to the Humane Society for one night, so they could get spayed or neutered , and all shots. Then I got to take tiny runt Scotch home.

Iphone4 561

Scotch sure did change up our schedule. We had to get a crate, start the potty training, buy little boy dog clothes (it was winter). Waking up in the middle of the night to go outside, whimpering because he wanted to be a big boy and get in the bed with Mollie and I at night. At first, I was worried that Mollie would hate me. As the year had passed, I have come to realize this is just what Mollie needed. Someone who broke all the rules, was hard to potty train, needs a leash everywhere we go, wants to be friends with everyone, and is carefree. The complete opposite of her.


Now, they are my duo. I hate to be separated from them as they do me. They both come to work with me everyday, sleep in the bed with me every night, I make their own food for them, a walk everyday, dog park every weekend, and love them both unconditionally.

I know I would not be who I am today without the both of them.



Top 10 reasons I am thankful for Scotch and Mollie

1. The love they give me

2. The fact that I can lean over and say “kisses” and they both kiss me (lick me)

3. I am never alone- my constant companions

4. They joy in their eyes and the loud panting when we are pulling into my mother’s neighborhood because they get to see her pups, and they know exactly where we are.

5. They are my security guards, they will bark at anything. High Alert at night.

6. The toys all over the house, even if I put them away seconds ago,

7. Mollies one blue and one brown eye and Scotch’s terrible under bite

8. They like to compete and see who is the fastest runner, its different every day.

9. Scotch likes to clean Mollie’s face, fur, ears, anything, and she lets him.

10. They makeup “MY’ family.


Top 10 things I think my dogs are thankful for:

1. I will give them anything and take them anywhere

2. Bedtime

3. Scotch likes to go to The Barker Lounge once a week, get energy out, and play with other pups. Mollie and I get to enjoy girl mommy time without the stinky boy :)

4. Chewnolas and BusyBones

5. The food I make them

6. Walks

7. My job and that they get to come with me everyday

8. Beach! and dog parks suffice

9. Mollie loves Frisbees and Scotch loves stuffed babies, he is currently in love with a stuffed newspaper roll that makes crinkle noise at the slightest touch.

10. I saved them


Casey and Cooper


CaseyandCooper 086

Casey and Cooper 

I was so excited to ask Casey (and Cooper) to be my October blog spot. They have been working with Little Friends since September of 2012. To look back and say that they have been with us for a year now, blows my mind. I remember the first day Casey called into Little Friends.

I cant wait to share with you her story. Also, to keep in mind when I sent Casey a text, asking her to be my October Blog Spotlight, I immediately received a  text back from Casey Perry saying: “Cooper will be so excited when I tell him. He’s always wanted to be famous!” Needless to say,  I knew I was in for a treat….

Lauren: When did you get Cooper?

Casey: I got him from a breeder in Virginia. I had wanted a dog for so long. I had even had an imaginary dog, named Jack. Finally senior year of college I moved somewhere I could  have a dog. I researched on the breed of dog that I wanted for two years.  I knew I wanted a big cuddly dog that was sweet and wanted to lie everywhere, and that dog was born in 2010.

Lauren: How many in the litter? Why Cooper?:

Casey: Nine in the litter. I was town between the two males.  I was about to put him back to be with the other litter mates on my first visit of visiting the breeder with her pups. Right when I was putting him back with his litter mates he looked at me. smiled big and stuck his tongue out. I was immediately in love.

imageBBED8ABF-F1C3-4398-9CD5-CD6EEA88AA5E (2)

Lauren: Where did you get the name Cooper?

Casey: Cooper’s Barb-B-Que in Raliegh (Go Wolfpack!) and everyone in my family has the same intitals CP, so we had to keep it in the family.

Lauren: How was the puppy experience?

Casey: I was in law school at Carolina at the time. I was busy, but studying a lot at home. He was great company. I also had two female roommates at the time. That’s how Cooper came to be such a ladies’ man. He was great at being crate trained, very easy. I think he maybe had one accident in the home. He picked it up quickly.

CaseyandCooper 065

Lauren: Describe his personality?

Casey: Happy go lucky, just wants to be loved. I think him growing up with three girls, he didn’t have any other chance but to be super loving and charming. He wants to be best friends with the small dogs and never considers his own size when being introduced. He’s my 80lbs. lap dog.

CaseyandCooper 027

Lauren: What do you feed him?

Casey: I think its natural choice. I could tell you what the bag looks like (smiles). I try to do no chicken, just red meat. I also love to use products that will make him shed.  I just bought the automatic vacuum that I got off Woot.com for 1/2 price. Its called the Neato and is set to work at 2am in the morning. Its wonderful! A life saver!

Lauren: His favorite activities?

Casey:He loves to go to my families farm or to the lake.


Lauren: How did he adjust to Charlotte?

Casey: I was really worried about coming to Charlotte, and him having to adjust. I was going to be living on my own and he had never been alone in the day. My schedule was going to be tough at first. Some days I get home at 6pm or 7pm, and some days at 11pm or 12am and that’s a long time without a potty break.  That’s when I decided this southern country girl had moved to the city, and it was time to get a pet sitter! I felt like such a diva!

Lauren: How did you decide on Little Friends Pet Sitting?

Casey: I created a spreadsheet. I compared multiple companies on the spreadsheet, and used deciding factors like who was accredited with Better Business Bureau (BBB) and reviews from Google. Little Friends had a great website. Great reviews. It was the biggest decision I had to make after moving to Charlotte. Looing back I know I made the best decision.  Little Friends was a smooth process immediatly. My pet sitter came over to introduce himself, and perform the consultation. I was immediately put at ease.

CaseyandCooper 022


Lauren: Whats your favorite quality about your pet sitter?

Casey: I can tell he really loves dogs. Cooper loves him, and they are daily afternoon walking ‘buds’. I love me sitters notes and texts. It puts a smile on my face right in the middle of my busy hectic day. I know that he is taken care of. I also love how I can email you(office) crazy emails that mostly make no sense, and you do your best to try to figure out my needs.

CaseyandCooper 067

Lauren: What is his favorite treat?

Casey: Every night I cut up an apple. Together we eat the apple, he will even eat the core and stem. He eats pretty much anything, celery…, anything I eat, he will eat! He loves the pantry. I better not leave it open when running late to work! Or my pet sitter will walk into a trash surprise on the floor.

CaseyandCooper 122

Lauren: What is Cooper’s “style”?

Casey:  Cooper is a good ole’ fashioned southern gentleman. He has a North Carolina flag collar, or a NC State collar. NC State game days he will wear his jersey! He’s a yellow lab, a little preppy man!


Lauren: What are his tricks?

Casey: He knows,”Sugar, almost said like shuga” meaning to give me kisses. He also knows to say his blessings before dinner time, at that time he says thanks for his mom ;) , grandparents, water, toys, and his pet sitter all while lying on the floor with his paws crossed. I’ll show you!

(He really does say his prayers)

CaseyandCooper 003

That’s how we concluded the interview. With Cooper bowing his head  crossing his paws, and giving thanks for the day before dinner time.  (what a typical southern boy).

From the beginning it was wonderful meeting Cooper and Casey. Casey is such a fun girl. She has a very demanding schedule and Cooper has adjusted well to living with just his mom and visits from his pet sitter daily. She takes such great care of him and he does the same for her as well.

CaseyandCooper 103

In the end, like the the quote goes, “Whoever said diamonds are a girls best friend, never owned a dog.” With Casey and Cooper I know this quote is true.

Casey, Little Friends Pet Sitting will continue to make you a satisfied client and we thank you for giving us the support and business that you have in the past year and a half.











Lara, Rudy, Jax, and Lucy


Snazzy September Pet Family

Lara, Rudy, Jax and Lucy

By: Lauren Frank

I had the pleasure of meeting Lara, Rudy, and their pups Jax and Lucy a couple of weeks ago. What a fun pet family!  Lara and Rudy have just moved into a new home, and Jax and Lucy have easily made their way to the top as king and queen of their new palace.

Q: What are your pet’s names and where did you get both of them?

L: Lucy, the black one, was rescued from a Humane Society in Vermont, she was 1 year old. When they found her, she had been wondering around a Wal-Mart parking lot and had just arrived at the facility the day before. Within five minutes of meeting her, we had fallen in love with her. They had originally given her the name Missy; however, she is clearly a Lucy! Strangers often judge her because of the pit bull traits; however she is great with kids and very gentle. She loves food, cuddling and her brother, Jax.  Jax was rescued from the Humane Society of Charlotte, he was 10 weeks old.  It was love within minutes again!  The Humane society gave him the name Chubs which we changed to Jax when he came home.  We brought him home and Lucy accepted him quickly, they have been inseparable since.


Q: Any issues you have had have to deal with in regards to them both being “rescues”?

L: He (Jax) has separation anxiety.

R: We tried to crate him but would bend a crate in and totally freak out. We worried he would hurt himself.

L: We tried a doggy day care and it was a horrible situation. Lucy got bit and Jax hated it. We have since gotten a trainer and Jax is on Prozac twice a day, given through pill pockets.  We also started using Little Friends Pet Sitting,  for two 45 minute visits a day. With age, training and LOTS of PATIENCE and love, he has turned out to be a really great dog.

Q: Most expensive items that they have chewed up?

R: Couches, table, window sills, you name it, he would eat it.  We have eliminated the opportunity of Jax being able to chew things up, by giving them their “dog den”. He is so happy here.

L: They go into their den every morning before work, the pet sitter comes for a visit and playtime mid-day, then back into their den for a couple of hours until mom and dad arrive home. They in essence have their own “apartment”.


Q: What made you decided you wanted a second one

L: Lucy seemed lonely, and we always wanted two

Q:  What is the normal schedule?

L: Wake up, go outside, eat breakfast then go into their room.  Amanda ( Little Friends Pet Sitter) comes for a 45 minute mid-day visit, plays with them for half of time in the yard and goes for a walk for the remaining time.  Rudy comes home around 4:30pm and its more play time, then dinner, chill time and then bed time.

Q: Do they sleep in the bed with you?

R&L: THEY DO! However, they do love their KONG beds.

Lucy and Jax 3

Q: What do they eat?

L: (Laughs) Boiled Chicken and dry dog food. They love it. I believe it keeps their coats shiny, we also add a drop of olive oil.

R: A little more chicken than dry food

Q: What are Jax and Lucy’s favorite treats?

L: Hotdogs! Lucy also loves the Just6 Rachel Ray treats and Jax loves cheese.  Their favorite toys are elk antlers.

Q: What are the Certain qualities which you could not live without?

R: The “love-ability” that Lucy has. And the fact they are the cutest and sweetest duo. They are always making sure they are close to one another.

L: Lucy will always greet you with joy and no matter what type of day you have had, Lucy can make you smile.  Also, every day I come home from work, Jax makes this noise, almost like a cat purring, that puts a smile on my face and makes me happy to be home.

R: I love their ears! One of my favorite qualities of our pups.

Lucy and Jax - chair 1 (1)

Q: Best memory?

R: We are so happy that we have finally gotten to a peaceful point with Jax. It was such a struggle with the separation anxiety and  trying to maintain  a normal life, it took its toll on us. We had to visit with doctors, trainers, and pet care providers and find a solution and we, as dog owners, were not going to be satisfied until we found an answer.  We were adamant on finding the solution, and not making his problem, someone else’s problem, by giving him up.

Q:  Are they scared of anything?

L: Loud noises

R: STATUES! Our neighbor has put up gnomes and other yard statues in their back yard. Every time Lucy goes out back, she will bark out from the fence. It’s random statues that she does not like. She even notices when new ones have been added to the collection.

Q: Do they have a particular style?

R: It changes…

L: Rudy wants Jax to have the leather spike collar, biker boy, tough look all the time

R: I do, I like that.

L: (Smiles) Lucy prefers flowers and pink girlie collars.

Lucy and Jax 1

Q: What do they think of their pet sitter, Amanda?

L: They both love her but Jax especially loves Amanda. We think he has a big crush on her. She often refers to Jax as her boyfriend. She does a great job at taking care of our pups on a regular basis, when we can’t.

Q: What do you do when you go out of town?

L: We love boarding them at Wickersham’s K-9 Ranch. Boarding in crates does not work for our pups and Wickersham’s offers family rooms, with no crates.  We bring their beds and toys and they can be with each other.  The staff sends pictures while we are away, and the facility is on 30 acres or so of land including a large pond.  They have it all fenced in, so the dogs can play outside freely. They also offer pick-up and delivery of the dogs from the home.

R: I was never big on putting them in crates and we found Wickersham’s and they made us feel great and at ease.

After doing this interview with Lara, Rudy, I know they are great parents to their pups. They cherish every moment with their pet family and have made it a point to include Jax and Lucy into their everyday lives. Thanks Lara and Rudy, it was a pleasure meeting you face to face. Little Friends Pet Sitting will continue to make you satisfied clients and we thank you for giving us the support and business that you have in the past year and a half.







Before You Travel: Your Dog’s Staycation

Before You Travel: Your Dog’s Staycation

Published May 1, 2013

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Picking the best pet care option for your dog while you travel can ensure a happy staycation for Fido and a worry-free vacation for you.

Kenneling your dog while on travel is a popular option, but it might not be the best fit for your dog. In part two of this “Before you Travel” series, we take a closer look at in-home care.

Home stays can vary from a daily checks-in by a neighbor to a live-in situation with a licensed pet professional. While keeping your dog in his home environment might seem like the best option when you’re away, it’s important to consider how being “home alone” might impact your dog.

How frequently will your dog be visited, and for how long? When I was a young girl my neighbors often hired me to look after their two old Irish Setters when they traveled. They only asked that I stop by to feed them breakfast and dinner as well as a quick visit in the middle of the day to let them out, but even as a child I felt bad leaving them home alone for so long. (Don’t worry, I spent plenty of extra time with them!) A dog on a home staycation should be visited several times a day, not only for the necessary feeding and pottying, but also for the much needed human interaction. Most cats might be content to laze around alone for extended periods of time, but dogs need contact with people to maintain their equilibrium, particularly when their daily routine is altered. And since they’re left to their own devices (or “vices”?) for most of the day, they also need interaction with the pet sitter to burn off pent-up energy, which leads into my next point.

Can you dog-proof adequately for extended time alone? Sure, most of our dogs happily hang out while we leave the house to earn a living. Dogs get used to the patterns of daily life, so our hours away are expected and tolerated without complaint. Being away from you for days at a time, though, can be a stressful change for a dog. Being left alone to deal with the things that go bump in the night (and day) might cause a well trained dog to seek comfort in ways that are atypical, like chewing on the dining room rug or ransacking the mail piled by the door. Dogs often turn to repetitive behaviors like ripping and digging to self-soothe in times of stress. Boredom, too, can play a part in destructive behavior. When leaving a dog home for an extended period, take care to survey the environment for any potential targets, like TV remotes and baskets on the floor, even if they haven’t seemed attractive to your dog in the past. Consider baby-gating or closing doors to limit your dog’s household access as well.

Can you depend on the caregiver? This is hands down the most important factor of home stays. Make sure that you’ve gotten ample feedback about any pet sitting service that you plan to hire. Call every reference they provide, and use social media like Facebook to get additional feedback from your network. If you opt to use a friend or neighbor, make sure that they understand that your dogs needs more than just a fifteen minute fly-by three times a day. (The middle school kid next door might be cheap labor, but can he give your pet the level of attention that he needs?) The New York Times recently wrote about a woman whose cat died when the pet sitting service she hired didn’t show up for a week, so it could literally be a lifesaver to check in with the sitter while you’re away.

Keeping your dog at home is a great option when combined with the right caregiver and a mutual understanding of what your dog needs to stay happy and healthy in your absence. In the final part of this series we’ll look at the method I’ve used with my dogs for years; home away from home stays.

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Victoria Schade Victoria Schade has been a dog trainer for over eleven years. During that time she has worked on…

Heat Safety for Your Pet

June 20th was the first official day of summer and it is hot, hot, hot outside! If you are new to the South, then I hate to tell you, but the heat is just getting started. Temperatures in the 90s and above, with very high humidity levels, are very typical for Southern summer months, which generally last from late May to late September/early October. So you’re in for a treat (if you like heat!).

A lot of people think that pets can survive in any weather. The thought is that since they are animals, nature has taught them ways to survive. Well, that’s true to an extent. A dog or cat will seek shade if they are overheated, water if they are thirsty, and shelter if there’s a storm. However, even the most instinctual pet can not survive the heat wave we are about to begin. Pets can and will get dehydrated, develop sunburns and even suffer from heat stroke if they are not properly cared for during the summer months. But by taking some simple precautions, you and your pet can stay safe and cool this summer.

1. Never leave your pet in a parked car! Even with the windows down, parked cars can get dangerously hot in the summer, leading to heat stroke and even death.

2. Make sure all your windows have screens and that they are fastened securely to your home. During the summer months, there is an increase number of what is classified as “High-Rise Syndrome”. This is when a cat or dog falls out of an upper floor window as they are trying to get fresh air. If you have any windows without screens, or broken screens, leave them shut.

3. If you have a dog with long hair, you may want to shave them down to a shorter length for the summer months. But remember not to completely shave your pup or cat. Pet hair is a natural sunblock, so shaved pets are at risk for severe sunburns. You should not cut hair shorter than 1 inch from the skin.

4. Watch out for asphalt and other outdoor surfaces that heat up quickly in the sun. Pet paws can burn on the hot surface. Walk on sidewalks, gravel paths or in the grass and avoid asphalt during the heat of the day.

5. Finally, always make sure plenty of fresh water is available to your pet. If you are going for a walk, take a bottle of water for you and your dog. You should always keep a bowl of fresh water easily accessible for your dog when spending any amount of time outdoors this summer to avoid dehydration.

It's important for your dog to stay hydrated this summer. Make sure to provide your pup with plenty of fresh water.

Stay tuned for more beat the heat tips. Stay safe and have fun!





Happy Father’s Day to all Doggy Daddies!


Happy Father's Day to all Doggy Daddys!

Top Ten Reasons Dogs love their Dads:

1. You take me for long walks and sometimes even run with me.

2. You give me extra treats from the dinner table when Mommy isn’t looking.

3. You brave the rain to take me outside while Mommy waits inside with towels.

4. You throw the ball extra far for me to chase in the yard.

5. You give me a little bit extra food at every meal you feed me.

6. You let me get on the couch even though I’m not allowed.

7. You give great belly rubs with your great big hands!

8. When I dig a hole in the yard, you just fill it back up for me to do it again!

9. You will let me run and bark at squirrels without telling me “no”!

10. You let me curl up on your shoes while Mommy hides all of hers in the closet.


The Truth on Hypoallergenic Dogs

The other day I was playing with one of my beagle friends, Lucy. She is really a great girl and we have a great time playing together! It’s nice because Lucy is closer to my size than my “little” brothers and sisters so I can play a little rougher with her. When we were playing last, I really got into the game and I noticed when I jumped on her playfully, a lot of hair came off of her. She is a breed of dog that sheds a lot. Many people don’t want shedding dogs in their home because it means they have to clean up a lot of dog hair. And some people are actually allergic to dogs (which sounds so strange to me!!) so their allergies act up more with a dog that sheds. That’s why you see so many people advertising dogs for adoption that are hypoallergenic. Since it sounds so weird to me that people can be allergic to dogs, I decided to do some research on the topic.

According to the Mayo Clinic Allergy Division, there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog. Most dog allergies are not caused by fur, or shedding, but from a protein that is found in dog saliva and urine. Since dogs use their tongue to clean themselves, the protein in the saliva sticks to our fur when we groom. This protein turns into flakes called dander. Dander is the cause of most people’s pet allergies.

Dogs that do not shed, like the designer breed GoldenDoodle or my brother and sister Yorkshire Terriers, still have dander. But since their hair does not come loose the dander stays in their fur on their body. As all dog Mom’s and Dad’s of shedding dogs know, when hair gets lose, it flies into the air and lands all over the home – on shelves, counters, chairs and the floor. So dander is all over your home. With a non-shedding dog, the dander stays on their fur, and not around your home. This means allergy suffers will have less exposure to the dander and therefore less allergy symptoms with a non-shedding pup. However, you are still allergic to the dog.

So if you are allergic to dogs but want to be a dog parent, you should still look to adopt the non-shedding “hypoallergenic” dogs to lessen your symptoms. Also go for a smaller dog (smaller dog = less dander produced) and bathe him or her frequently to remove the dander from their coat. Make sure your new pup does not go into your bedroom. And you should use air filters in rooms where your dog does spend a lot of time as well as vacuuming regularly to get any dander that may have fallen off your pup out of your home.

Vacuum regularly to clean up any dog dander in your home.

So there you have it. Humans can be allergic to dogs (I still think that is weird!) and there is no such thing as a truly hypoallergenic dog. But you can have dog allergies and have a dog in your home by following some simple guidelines.



Pets as Tax Dependents? A Look at the Money We Spend on our Pets

Today is April 17, 2012 – otherwise known as the tax deadline.  Now I’m lucky because puppies don’t have to file taxes.  But my Mommy & Daddy do.  They were on top of it
and got their taxes done early, but a lot of people I hear wait until today to file their taxes.  I’d probably wait until today too if I had to file taxes.  It doesn’t sound like fun so I would put it off as long as I could!

A lot of people think they should be able to claim their pets on their taxes as dependents.  In fact, there is a proposed tax bill that would allow people to claim their personal pets as dependents on their taxes. It’s called the “Humanity and Pets Partnered Through the Years” or the HAPPY Act.  This bill hasn’t gotten much support since Michigan Representative Thaddeus McCotter, as well as representatives from Tennessee and Colorado, introduced the bill in 2009.  HAPPY would allow deductions of up to $3,500 a year for pet expenses.  While groups still push for the passing of the Act, it doesn’t look very promising just yet.

But considering how much the average American spends on their pet, a $3,500 deduction would be a great help to all the pet parents out there.  It is estimated that over $52 billion will be spent by Americans on their pets this year.  Last year Americans spent just shy of $51 billion on their pets.  In 2011, Americans spend $19.85 billion on pet food, $11.77 billion on pet supplies and over the counter medications for their pups and kitties, and $13.41 billion on veterinary care.  In my opinion, that definitely deserves a tax break (and don’t think I’m biased because I’m a pup!)

So how much does it cost per year to be a pet parent?  Well, according to the 2011-2012 APAA National Pet Owners Survey, the average annual expenses for a dog or cat owner include:

Expense Dog Cat
Surgical Vet Visits $407 $425
Routine Vet Visits $248 $219
Food $254 $220
Kennel/Boarding $274 $166
Vitamins $95 $43
Travel Expenses $78 $48
Groomer/Grooming Tools $73 $34
Treats $70 $41
Toys $43 $21


And of course, this varies depending on the pet, pet owner, and the amount of pets in the household.  So, Maizee says give pet parents a break and let them claim us as dependents!  But nonetheless, pet parents work hard to keep us safe, healthy and happy and we greatly appreciate it!

Thanks Mom & Dad!

The Importance of Pet ID Tags

This week is National Pet ID Week.  Not only our pet ID tags stylish now, but they are so beneficial to pet safety!  My brothers and sisters and I wear one all the time.  Did you know that only 1 in 3 pets wear their tags all the time?  Most of the time pet parents take off the tags for 3 different reasons.  One, they think since their pet is never outdoors alone or without a leash, it is not needed.  Two, they get annoyed with the jingling sound the tag makes.  Or three, they think the pet is bothered by the collar and tag too much to wear it.  Well, these three reasons are not true because I live in a household with 5 dogs and 1 cat and we all wear our collars and tags proudly every day with no nuisance to us or our parents.

Research shows 80% of pet owners believe it’s important for pets to wear ID tags, but only 1 in 3 pets always wear a tag.

— Little Friends (@LittleFriends3) April 16, 2012

The ASPCA did a study on pet ID tag usage among pet owners.  They followed 109 pets in which pet ID tags were placed directly on the pets by either an adoption agency or a veterinarian.  Two months after the study began, 84% of the pets were still wearing their collars and ID tags.  The tags that were taken off were due to one of the three reasons mentioned above.

And can you believe during that 2 month period 18 pets were reported lost?  Seventeen of the pets were found and returned home.  Ten of the pets returned were able to get home because the person who found them saw their ID tag and used the information on it!  YAY!  The ID tags worked to get these kitties and puppies back home safely.

It’s important to have your kitten and puppy start wearing a collar and ID tag early on in life so they get used to having it on at all times.  We generally all adjust very quickly to wearing these and after a little while our parents don’t notice the occasional jingle from the tag!  Plus, a little noise and a few extra scratches are worth it to return your pet  home to you.

A lot of people have put a microchip in their dog or cat, which is great.  But only a center with a microchip scanner can actually read the information on the chip.  And anyone  can read an ID tag.  So for the most efficient safety measure for your pet, choose a pet ID tag.  You can get one that fits our personality perfectly at a reasonable price at your local pet store.  Happy shopping!


Golden Retriever Facts & Care

As many of you know, I’m a Golden Retriever.  Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular breeds of dogs in America due to their beauty and mild mannered demeanor.  (I just blushed a little typing that!).  We are great pets and can adapt to many situations!

The Golden Retriever originated in the Scottish Highlands inthe late 1800s.  Lord Tweedmouth, a wealthy man whose pastimes included developing townships and breeding animals, crossed the yellow Flat-Coated Retriever with the Tweed Water Spaniel (now extinct).  He later added in some bloodhound and Irish Setter, and out came the Golden Retriever.

Golden Retrievers are intelligent dogs and learn quickly.  They are great for obedience
competitions!  We also have a knack for hunting and tracking.  We were originally bred as bird dogs, hunting birds in the water and on land, so many of us still have the instinct to chase birds – whether we are running or swimming!  With are great obedience and tracking instincts, we make great police narcotics dogs.  A lot of police officers have Golden Retrievers as their partners to help them sniff out clues and illegal substances.  And we are well known for our ability to be fantastic service dogs!  We are great
with people of all ages and abilities, so we can be used as therapy dogs for
people with psychological illnesses, guide dogs for the blind, and service dogs for the disabled.  We love to please our masters – so give us a task and we’ll do it to the best of our abilities!

Maizee growing up fast!


We are active dogs and require daily activity to get our energy out – so if you are thinking of adding a Golden to your life, make sure you can meet our exercise needs.  We typically grow to about 60 to 75 lbs, but can live in smaller apartments and homes as long as we have our daily exercise. We are average shedders and are easy to groom.  We do gain weight easily so you need to pay attention to our feeding schedule.  And it is not uncommon for Golden’s to have allergy problems that require medication.

But take it from me, Golden Retrievers are great dogs!  We are very happy, friendly and full of love!  If you have room in your heart and your life, consider adopting a Golden.