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Puppies up for Adoption!

Little Friends is now working with local Rescue groups and Shelters to foster animals and help find their permanent homes!  Please help us spread the word, we will post pictures and the information needed if you are interested in adopting them!  The picture below are the first puppies we were lucky enough to foster last […]

Swaddling for pets!

A lot of high energy dogs have anxiety and if you are not sure if your dog may be a breed that is prone to anxiety, please ask your vet!  Anxiety for dogs is just as serious as it is for people, so please take care of your fur babies!  For those of you who […]

Birds are not the only ones who Nest!

Have you ever wondered why your dog scratches ferociously and runs around in circles at their bed before they lay down to nap or go to bed?  My Chihuahua has done this since she was a baby and I have always wondered why Charlotte does it.  Now our Vizsla does it, watching a 55 pound dog nest is […]