Happy Father’s Day to all Doggy Daddies!


Happy Father's Day to all Doggy Daddys!

Top Ten Reasons Dogs love their Dads:

1. You take me for long walks and sometimes even run with me.

2. You give me extra treats from the dinner table when Mommy isn’t looking.

3. You brave the rain to take me outside while Mommy waits inside with towels.

4. You throw the ball extra far for me to chase in the yard.

5. You give me a little bit extra food at every meal you feed me.

6. You let me get on the couch even though I’m not allowed.

7. You give great belly rubs with your great big hands!

8. When I dig a hole in the yard, you just fill it back up for me to do it again!

9. You will let me run and bark at squirrels without telling me “no”!

10. You let me curl up on your shoes while Mommy hides all of hers in the closet.


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