Do Dogs Dream? What the Evidence Says.

I sleep in the same room as my Yorkie brother & sister Kai and Sidney.  I usually sleep very soundly but last night I woke up to Kai whining.  At first I didn’t know what was going on.  I stood up and watched Kai.  His eyes were closed, he would let out a
whimper every now and then, and then his legs started moving a little bit.  I got concerned until I realized Kai was having a dream!  He must have been having
a good one too because he got really noisy!

For a while, people didn’t know if doggies had dreams.  And honestly, they still don’t know 100% for sure because we can’t tell them if we dream.  But scientists have done some studies and evidence shows that we do dream!  Most people don’t know this, but
pups have very similar brain structures and brain waves than humans.  And when we sleep, we follow the same sleep cycles as humans.  So our brain structures are created for us to dream!

Scientists say typically dreams occur about 20 minutes after we fall asleep, in what is called the REM cycle of sleep (same as people!)  Our breathing becomes shallow and
irregular.  Our eyes move and our muscles twitch, and we may whine, whimper or even bark, move our limbs and wag our tails.  We dream about 10 to 12 percent of the time we are in the REM cycle.

Myra the Beagle asleep and dreaming

So what do we dream about?  Well, our daily activities!  When you see our eyes moving, we are looking at the images in our dream.  It may be a squirrel, a ball, or a
treat.  And when we make noise or move our legs, we are taking action in our dreams.
One of my favorite dreams is playing ball with my Daddy in the yard!  I bet Kai was dreaming about getting a special treat!  He loves treats!

I hope everyone (humans and pets) has a great night and sweet dreams!

What does your dog do when he/she dreams?

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