Thank you for another successful Community Drive!

Thank you everyone for your donations, RescuLily Foundation & Little Friends are so very thankful!  We had so many donations this quarter and it was VERY exciting!!:) RescuLily’s Mission: Our mission is to rescue. Our dream is that one day, we wont have to. RescuLily fully vet’s every animal in our care. All animals will receive […]

Happy Fathers Day!

If you are reading this–Happy Fathers Day or early Fathers Day! Even if you are not a human Daddy, you most likely are a fur daddy…which is equally as awesome:)  I am writing to you today to tell each and every one of you Happy Father’s Day and that we hope you enjoy it to […]

How to prevent dog bites…

  Did you know, there are an estimated 70 MILLION DOGS IN THE US!  National Dog  Bite Prevention Week is May 16-21…. What does that mean you say?  This week is in place to help prevent people from hopefully getting one less dog bite:)  The majority of dog bites involve children, which are usually preventable!  An estimated […]

Ways to keep Pets Safe at Home

Every day people who live in the Mecklenburg (Charlotte), Union, Gaston, and Cabarrus counties leave their homes and their beloved pets behind thinking everything is safe and sound. But, is it?? That string you left on the floor. The chicken bones you threw on the top of trash from dinner last night. The open toilet […]