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There’s an App for that

Over 7,000 dogs are lost a year.   Those days of posting a pic of your fur baby on telephone poles and signs all around town, are over!  There is an app, Finding Rover that is easy to use and will help you find your fur babies from anywhere.  They use facial recognition through a […]

Micro-chipping Your Pets

Are your fur babies micro-chipped? If they are not, you should highly consider it!  This simple procedure can help drastically in the event that your pet’s go missing. Simply make an appointment with your vet, they will implant a tiny micro-chip (which are transponders) in between your pet’s shoulder blades and voila a!  The chip […]

Love our services?

    Do you love what Little Friends does for your fur babies?  If so, we want others to hear from you! You must have a gmail account and then can go here, google-review–Little-Friends If you do not have a gmail account, just simply create one and then click on the link above.  It will give […]