Maizee’s Dream: An Oscar Winning Puppy!

I stayed up a little later than I usually do last night watching tv with my Mommy & Daddy.  I was mesmerized by all the beautiful dresses, jewelry, lights, music, dancing and singing!  It was a show called the Oscars.  Apparently they have all the best actors and actresses in the world dress up and come to a big party every year.  And they give away gold statues to the people they think are the very best actors and actresses.  It was pretty cool!

After the show was over with, I fell asleep fast.  I had a dream, a wonderful dream.  It was the Puppy Oscars and I was invited to come!  I got all dressed up in a beautiful pink gown with crystals all over it!  And I had a beautiful collar with diamonds and pearls.  Oh, I just felt wonderful in the outfit!  I was able to walk on the red carpet with a bunch of photographers taking pictures of me, and then the cutie Ryan Seacrest wanted to interview me!  He asked me about my gorgeous gown and told me how lovely I was!  I tried not to blush but I did have a bit of a puppy blush!

When I got to my seat, I watched all the other doggies dressed up in their best outfits perform on stage and win awards.  And finally it came to my category: Best Female Puppy in a Movie!  The nominees were listed and they were tough competition.  I was up against Meryl Schnauzer, Michelle Yorkie, Mara Dachshund and Viola Beagle!  They were the BEST Puppy actresses in the whole world.  I just knew I couldn’t beat them but I still had butterflies in my stomach!  They opened the envelope and then I heard my name…Maizee!  Oh my goodness!  I was shocked!  I ran up on stage and took my beautiful statue and thanked everyone I could think of: My Mommy, My Daddy, My brothers and sisters, the Cat, the bird – everybody!  It was such a thrilling moment!  I wanted to stay in that moment forever.

And then the birds woke up and let out a big squawk which woke me up fast.  It took me a second to realize the dream wasn’t real.  At first I was sad, but then I looked around and saw my comfy bed, my bowl full of yummy food, my back yard playground and all the toys I had, and thought this was a great place to be.  I can still dream of being a famous puppy actress, but I’m happy just where I am!