Anne J.

  Name: Anne J.

 How long have you been with Little Friends Pet Sitting: 3 months

Where do you live: Concord area

Where did you grow up: Navy brat, so a lot of places!

How many sits do you take in a months average: As many as possible that I can fit into my schedule and are not too far away from my home


Favorite type of animal: The ones that let me play with them!

Do you have another job, if so what do you do: Part time delivery driver

If you won a million dollars what would you do:  After setting up trust funds for my grands, I would travel more!

Favorite Movie: Christmas Carol

Favorite food/meal: Chicken (including eggs)

Favorite thing to do while on a pet sit: Take pics of the pets

Favorite Song: Let there be peace on Earth

Ideal Day: Any day at the beach

Favorite Holiday: Christmas, people tend to be friendly during the Winter Holidays

Favorite hobby or interest: Traveling

Most helpful thing you have done for a client: Swept up litter the cats carried through the  house

Why do you like being a pet sitter: Since I enjoy traveling, I am unable to have any pets of my own.  By pet sitting, I am able to enjoy all pets!