Arianna D.

Holly Springs, NC
My sweet cat Juniper
Fun Facts:
I love everything about the outdoors (swimming, snorkeling, hiking, yoga ). I’ve been vegan for 4 years. I’ve volunteered at Pasture Pals Equine Rescue, a shelter for abused and/or neglected horses and other farm animals. I have lived in Durham, Seattle, Atlanta, and Raleigh (Holly Springs).
Hi, I'm Arianna and I live in Charlotte, NC. In my free time I love cooking and experimenting with new and exciting vegan recipes. I do my best to live a very eco-friendly lifestyle by my diet, using reusable bags, water bottles straws, etc. I love this earth so much and am very passionate about inspiring others to make small but impactful changes that can help the environment. I also love to travel! I studied abroad in Melbourne, Australia and fit in a lot of travelling during this time (Sydney, Cairns, Byron Bay, Thailand, Bali) Ever since my study abroad experience I have been inspired to travel as much as I possibly can! I cannot wait to meet you and your pets!