Christina B.

Name: Christina B.

How long with Little Friends Pet Sitting: 6 months

Where do you live (area): University City area

Where did you grow up: Charlotte, NC

How many sits do you take in a months period? (average): 15-20

Favorite type of animal: Cats

Do you have another job, if so what do you do: I am a dance instructor at Dance Fever Charlotte

If you won a million dollars what would you do: If I won a million dollars, I would spend some time traveling and then save the rest for my future!

Favorite movie: Anything Disney!

Favorite food/meal: Fried Chicken

Favorite thing to do while on a pet sit: Give love to the pets!

Favorite song: Believer- Imagine Dragons

Ideal day: Staying home all day cuddling with my pets

Favorite holiday and why: Halloween because I love decorating and passing out candy!

Favorite hobby or interest: Dancing

Most helpful thing you have done for a client: Giving detailed updates on their fur children while they are away

Why do you like being a pet sitter: I love being a pet sitter! I love getting to meet new furry friends, play with them, and see their personalities shine! I have a passion for animal care and welfare! It is such a joy to be able to have a job that allows me to have fun and aligns with my interests!