Ellie B.

Name: Ellie Baker

How long with Little Friends Pet Sitting: 3 months

Where do you live (area): South Charlotte

Where did you grow up: Greenville, NC

How many sits do you take in a months period? (average): 15

Favorite type of animal: Cat

Do you have another job, if so what do you do: Part-time professional dancer, Certified Yoga Instructor

If you won a million dollars what would you do: Buy my husband and I a home in Italy, and never come back! : )

Favorite movie: Casino Royale (James Bond Fan)

Favorite food/meal: Love a good cheeseburger!

Favorite thing to do while on a pet sit: Walk the neighborhoods, get to know different parts of the city!

Favorite song: Anything Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin or U2

Ideal day: Sitting on North Topsail beach with my husband, and a beer in hand!

Favorite holiday and why: Christmas, surrounded by family and friends for weeks!

Favorite hobby or interest: I love exercising/staying in shape, traveling and hiking with my husband, and am a huge science nerd! (Bio major in college)

Most helpful thing you have done for a client: I stopped by to let out and play with a client’s two pups, after already seeing them twice that day. I did this extra stop-by, for free, b/c I loved the pups so much and they were on my way home!

Why do you like being a pet sitter: I love the flexibility this job offers me, and the people I get to meet through this experience. I meet people from all over Charlotte, from all walks of life, and it’s just so neat to see what people do, where they live, and why they love animals! I also get to spend my whole day with furry friends, rather than sit at a desk. That’s not a bad deal ; )