Kim C.

Name: Kim Cole

How long with Little Friends Pet Sitting: 7 months

Where do you live (area): Mooresville – Lake Norman Area

Where did you grow up: Long Island, New York

How many sits do you take in a months period? (average): 46

Favorite type of animal: Dog

If you won a million dollars what would you do: I would open a kennel for senior dogs.

Favorite movie: Gone with the Wind

Favorite food/meal: Dark Chocolate

Favorite thing to do while on a pet sit: Love on the pet and give them a rub down

Favorite song: Sweet Caroline

Ideal day: A day at the beach and walking the dogs on the beach

Favorite holiday and why: Thanksgiving – A great day to spend with friends and family to enjoy each other with good food and company

Favorite hobby or interest: Tennis

Most helpful thing you have done for a client: Done the dishes so the dog would be more comfortable eating.

Why do you like being a pet sitter: I like being a pet sitter as I get unconditional love from the animals I take care of. They are happy to see me and trust me to love on them. Whatever stresses there are in the day, taking care of a client’s pet seems to reduce the stress and brings out a smile for me. It is fun to play with the pets and have them wag their tails or rub up against you for attention!