Linda B.

Utica, Michigan
We have 5 cats: Tangle, Herbie, Gweneviere, Toby, and Smidvarg. We also have two bunnies: an albino Lionhead named Snowball and a crazy little boy bunny named Ralphie. On occasion, I’ll find Toby sitting in Snowball’s hutch, while she looks at him like he’s crazy!
Fun Facts:
When we’re not at home, we are usually at the baseball field where I’m supposed to be watching my sons play, but I usually end up finding a dog to play with!
I married my high school sweetheart and we have 2 beautiful boys who are growing up way too fast! We have lived in the north and south at various times – after growing up in Michigan and then moving to Tennessee for my husband’s schooling, we ended up in Chicago for five years. After our first son was born, we moved back to Tennessee where my “southern boy” was born. The south is where we belong, but we missed the diversity and opportunity afforded by a bigger city (without the northern winters!), so in May of 2016, we moved to Charlotte, and LOVE it!
I grew up with big dogs, little dogs, and medium dogs, and more bunnies than I could count! The littlest dogs never failed to run the house! I will treat your furbabies like one of my own so you can rest easy knowing your fur-family is cared for when you need back-up.