Lucy & Lexi!

Pet Name(s): Lexi and Luci

Breed(s): Pugs

Favorite Treat: Baby carrots

Favorite Activity: Belly rubs, sleeping, eating, cuddling, and long walks

What do you feed them: Hills Science Diet Small Breed Light Bites

Most adventurous thing they have done: Chasing and barking at the waves on the beach in St. Augustine and even dipping their paws in the ocean!

Where did you get your pet(s): Buffalo, NY

Where do they sleep: In their pug mama’s bed! Lexi on the right, Luci on the left, Mama in the middle

Bad habit: Lexi – barking at her pug mom when it’s time to wake up. Luci – pulling on the leash to get to her friends

Ideal day: A 50 degree sunny day so we can explore in a new park without too much panting

Pet sitter: Shelby! Also, Paul, Mark, Natalie, and Alanna

Most embarrassing thing they have done to pet parent: An immediate No. 2 in the middle of the rug at their grandparents’ house to announce their arrival

Sweetest thing they have done to pet parent: So many cuddles! So many kisses! So much love!

Most expensive thing pet has destroyed: Luci once ate a couch cushion.

Best trick: Lexi can sit, stay, come, around, down. Anything for a carrot!

Favorite Human Food: Popcorn

Favorite Park: Freedom Park