Pet Name(s): Lucy

Breed(s): Peekapoo

Favorite Treat: Beggin Strips

Favorite Activity: Lounging in the sun

What do you feed them: Royal Canin

Where did you get your pet(s): Petco in Syracuse NY

Where do they sleep: In her kennel and then jumps up on the bed sometime in the night

Bad habit: She’s a princess…she doesn’t have any bad habits

Ideal day: Lucy wakes up and goes outside for a long walk around the entire yard to see if there was any “activity” from the night before. She comes in and eats and then waits for Natalie to come play with her.

Pet sitter: Natalie Elliott

Most embarrassing thing they have done to pet parent: I can’t think of anything

Sweetest thing they have done to pet parent: Hugs and kisses whenever we come home

Most expensive thing pet has destroyed: Really nothing…she isn’t a chewer

Best trick: Peek – a – boo She covers her eyes with her paws when you say it

Favorite Human Food: Steak and Pizza