Michelle H.

Parma, MI
1 pet named Buster
Fun Facts:
I boarded and took care of a Bengal Tiger for about four months, while pregnant! I love to fish, been fishing for Catfish on the Cape Fear River many times. Biggest caught was 56 lbs. Best at catching the bait for the big cats (Brim, Sunfish, Shellcrackers etc.) I have owned at least 10 different animal species. Tiger, cats, dogs, horses, lamb, bunny rabbits, goat, wild geese, tame geese, Polled Hereford steer, and fish what I can remember. I am a survivor from an old-fashioned canon shoot in Southern Michigan when I was about 12. Many others were hurt, but Dad and I were just blown out of our chairs. Scary, but lessons were learned! I have shown both dogs and horses. Bringing many of the dog species to International Grand Champion status. I have owned many different breeds of dogs. Many were show dogs others were just pets. Included in the line up are; Great Pyrenees, German Shepherds, Skye Terrier, Australian Shepard’s, Cocker Spaniels, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Schnauzer, and Dobermans!
I live in the boonies (at least everyone in Charlotte says I do), on a wooden 2-acre tract of land with a stream running through the back of the property. I have lived in North Carolina about 30 years. I grew up lived in Michigan until I was 22, then I moved to Florida. Hated it there, so after my kids were born, I came to North Carolina which I absolutely adore! I have been able to raise two children to adulthood, by myself. I have always been self-reliant, lucky for me. I have helped to bring several small businesses to the point of becoming pillars of their communities. Was successful in growing one business from a fledging 100K a year business into a full blown, mid-size corporation in four short years. We grew from a size 75 customer base to over 300. I was published in a National Magazine with the honor of being named “Top 50” in the country for our industry. I love to hunt for Ancient American Indian artifacts and tools. I have many, many tools and arrowheads, axes, and adz. I am in my flower garden every day until dark, many hours of work go into my garden. I also create found wire jewelry pieces, some I have even made the chains! One day this will be my business!