Morgan G.

Morgantown, WV
1 dog (part terrier, part pomeranian) named Rusty and my sweet baby boy Spyro: my bearded dragon whom I’ve had since he was the size of my thumb
Fun Facts:
I was in a Navy JROTC unit for one year of high school (freshman) and a Marine Corps JROTC unit for the three remaining years of high school. I’m a gymnastics coach at Carolina Flipz and I was a competitive gymnast myself, for 8 and a half years! I got my bearded dragon after my English teacher in my Senior year of high school brought hers in and I completely fell in love. I named my bearded dragon after a popular video game character from when I was little. I’m currently working towards a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and statistics. I lived all over the east coast!
I grew up all over the east coast, starting in Morgantown, West Virginia, then approximately ten moves later (FL-GA-MD), I landed myself in North Carolina, where I feel more “at home” than I have anywhere else. I’ve always been a huge supporter of the armed forces and after four years of Marine Corps JROTC, I wanted to join myself; however due to unfortunate circumstances, I’m medically disqualified. This forced me to give up the dream of mine to become a USMC Drill Instructor, and allowed me to go down a different path towards a mathematics degree. I’m currently working towards earning a bachelor's degree in mathematics and hopefully being able to work my way back into the military field through a civilian position. In the meantime, I’m able to continue doing what I love by working with children as a gymnastics coach, and of course, working with animals as a pet sitter!