Wanda H.

Brooklyn, New York and later moved to New Jersey.
Australian shepherd named Kava, two Chihuahuas named Obi and Rocky, and two cats named Ace and Seaweed.
Fun Facts:
I enjoy spending time with family and friends, both human and furry. I also love cooking, baking, and gardening. Having a great love for the outdoors, I enjoy taking my bicycle on trails or just going for a hike. Other hobbies I partake in are painting, going to concerts, and Broadway shows.

I started college as an English major, but switched to radiological science and worked in hospitals for nearly thirty years. Recently, I went back to school and took classes at CPCC. I have been married for thirty-two years and we have four grown children. I have always had a strong bond with animals and I have always had a desire to work with them!