Weezie and Brodie

Fun Facts:
Weezie and Brodie have been loyal 4- legged clients of Little Friends Pet Sitting since May 2011. Their dog mom has a very demanding job and has chosen Little Friends Pet Sitting to be her pet care provider on a weekly basis. She schedules mid day walks every week, Monday-Friday.

Weezie, a blonde golden doodle, is always a hit when walking down the Chantilly Streets as she often rocks a Mohawk. Not only is it a Mohawk that she rocks, it is often dyed to represent the color of her mothers favorite college team or often times she takes votes on Facebook on which color to dye her pups Mohawk next.

Many families often walk up to the pet sitter or the dog mom when they are on their daily walks and ask to pet her pups, and then they always compliment the “rockin' do” that Weezie sports.

Brodie, a black golden doodle is the big sister. She always leads the way on the walks and is such a sweet girl. She enjoys smelling everything and especially loves the sight of squirrels in the Chantilly Neighborhood. If you have been around that area, you know there are a ton of squirrels, so you have to hold the leash tight, or Brodie will try to catch the squirrels.

Little Friends Pet Sitting has thoroughly enjoyed taking care of these pups. Their pet sitter is often Lauren or Elaine. We know the client enjoys this service, as we feel that with the texts sent at each visit, she is worry free, and ecstatic that her pups have had a nice mid day walk. Its also nice reassurance to know that someone came to her home, was trusting, walked and loved on her girls, and then sent a text to her, in hopes, from the pet sitter, that it makes her day just a little bit brighter.