Pet Name(s): Willis

Breed(s): Chocolate lab

Favorite Treat: Sweet Potatoes

Favorite Activity: Fetch

What do you feed them: Royal Canine Venison and Potato, and vegetables

Most adventurous thing they have done: Willis boarded a plane at 4 months old and during our family vacation to Jackson Hole he went crazy swimming in the Tetons.

Where did you get your pet(s): He’s from a farm in northern Minnesota

Where do they sleep: On his bed next to my bed. Every now and then I’ll allow a cuddle, if I still have lint rollers.

Bad habit: Getting into the trash looking for snacks. There have been some messy days and nights.

Ideal day: We can swim or play in the snow, wait… both sound good to us!

Pet sitter: Ellie

Most embarrassing thing they have done to pet parent: Accidents at the worst times. When I’m not home and friends are watching him.

Sweetest thing they have done to pet parent: When I come home and he had been asleep, then he starts wiggling. It’s the cutest.

Best trick: He knows how to play hide and seek

Favorite Human Food: Ice Cream