Daily Dog Walking, does your dog need it?

Speaking of dog walking……how frequently do you walk your dog?  Do you know how long your dog needs to walk per day?  Do you know how many times per day your dogs need to walk?  Do YOU have the time to walk your dog based on their walking needs?

I have 4 dogs.  One is a senior dog and just not into it any more and has some health issues.  We try to walk her a bit because she has gained a bit of  ‘girly’ weight, but she is really feeble.  So not much walking for her.

The other three dogs, we can’t even spell the work ‘walk’ or say ‘w’ and they are bouncing off of the walls wanting to go NOW for their walks.  And honestly, we could use the walks ourselves!

So, how many walks per day does YOUR dog need?  And how long should each walk be? Depends.

As the following article in Dogtime.com indicates, “a walk around the block is not going to cut it for most dogs. A range of between 30 to 60 minutes per day is ‘necessary’ for health, good behaviors, etc.”  But it truly depends on your dog, so take a look at this article and see if you can ‘map out a plan’ for your pup.

What Are My Dog’s Exercise Needs?

Ok, now that you have a ‘plan’ for your dog’s walks…. are you available and willing to carry out that plan?  Have you got the time?

If not, that is where a dog walking service provider is your ‘go to’ option.  Seriously, there are a ton of them.  And some really good ones.  But how do you know which ones are the best?

I own a dog walking service, Little Friends Pet Sitting and Dog Walking, so of course my advice matches what we offer and the reasons we think you should choose us. But seriously, what are the characteristics you should look for with ANY dog walking service provider?

How do you know you have the BEST Dog Walker?

  • How many time options are available for you to choose from? 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes?
  • Are packages of walks offered so you can save a bit of money if you will be requesting a lot of walks?
  • Does the service provider have a lot of pet sitters for your area so there are backups for your primary walker?
  • Is a GPS tracker used so you can track where your pup is at all times in the care of the walker?
  • Will a ‘report card‘ be sent each and every time your dog is walked showing potty activities, pics of your pup on their walk, and any thing walkers noticed like limping or potty problems?
  • Are the dog walkers qualified , background checked, bonded and insured?
  • Is it EASY to do business with the office staff and online scheduling tools?

If you can answer yes to ALL of these questions, then you have chosen the BEST dog walking service provider for your area.  Choose Little Friends Pet Sitting and Dog Walking and you will be able to answer YES to all of those questions.

Don’t wait. Make a 2018 plan for your dog’s daily walks.  And either get out there and walk your dog OR contact Little Friends. We would LOVE to walk your dog!

Let’s Get Tied Up into Buying Leashes!

Need a new dog leash and other supplies?  Want to buy local?  Don’t feel like doing your research?

Have no fear!  I’ve done the hard work for you!  Here’s my favorite 10 places in the Charlotte area.  Check it out:

Dublin Dog
1435 W. Morehead Street, Charlotte 28208

Dublin Dog originated in Hawaii, and with the owner/creator being very outdoorsy, he wanted to create products that are waterproof, dirt-proof, and durable.  Their products are fun and eco-minded, and they look as good as they perform!  You can order their products online as well.  If you and your furry friend like to hike and swim and be outdoors, Dublin Dog is the place to buy your supplies.

Pet People Highland Creek
10018 Benfield Road, Charlotte 28269

Locally owned, Pet People has been around the area for years.  The owners support local non-profit animal-related charities.  They have everything you need: food, treats, supplies, training accessories, etc.  One cool thing they also offer is a self-service dog wash, called SPAW.  It makes it easy for customers to bathe their dog, and not get their own homes and bathrooms all messed up!  Amazing place, and great prices!

Neighborhood Feed and Tack
1900 Moore Road, Matthews 28105

Don’t let the name of this place throw you off!  They have SO much to offer for all different kinds of pets!  Family owned since 1983, they offer something for every furry friend!  Not only do they have collars and leashes that light up for night walks and runs, they have thunder shirts, heated bowls, auto feeders and waterers, and a TON more!  Not only that, but they offer home delivery as well!

Reigning Cats and Dogs
2 locations!  700 N. Broome Street, Waxhaw 28173
& Monroe Crossing Mall

This mother/daughter team started their business in 2004.  Now, with 2 locations, their popularity in the area has grown quickly!  They offer great products, all natural snacks and food, and grooming services.  They always find time to participate in local events, and offer welcome treats for pets when you come in the door.  The community loves them!  It’s definitely worth checking out what they have to offer.


Pet Supermarket
1408 East Blvd, Charlotte 28203

This is more of a chain store, with a neighborhood kind of feel.  Pet Supermarket has the same kind of vibe as Tractor Supply.  They have GREAT prices!  They also offer in-store vaccinations and cat adoptions!  Another wonderful thing they offer is online interactive pet care training for kids!  Definitely worth not passing this place up!

Four Dogs Pet Supplies
2630 N. Davidson St, Charlotte 28205

Located in NoDa, the 4 owners of this place are self-proclaimed “big dog” people, and what a cool place it is!  They are also very active in large breed rescues.  Don’t let the name fool you, they carry supplies for cats, chickens, a bunch of your other furry friends, not just dogs.  They offer holistic all-natural food, snacks, and supplements.  They also have pet-related art and literature, even a small gallery in store!


Last Place on Earth
5655 N. Tryon Street, Charlotte 28213

This independent and family-owned store has been open since 1981.  They offer products for dogs, cats, reptiles, fish, birds, and small animals.  Along with every pet supply you would ever need, they have all-natural dog food.  They also offer puppy adoptions!

Woof Gang Bakery
4810 Ashley Park Lane, Charlotte 28210

This bakery was founded in Jupiter, Florida in 2007.  It is a small franchise with a hometown feel.  It started out as only a bakery, with everything baked on site.  Now they offer so much more.  Toys, collars, leashes, leads, dog spa products.  They also have a self-service grooming area, doggy day care, and a vet clinic!  It’s like a one-stop shop, with homemade baked goods for your fur babies!


12206 Copper Way, Charlotte 28277

What a cute place!  They have a variety of high-end pet products: holistic food and treats, homeopathic products, everything you could ever need.  There’s special shampoos, and adorable clothing for your fur babies for every holiday and season.  They offer a full-service grooming salon as well.  Their pet supplies are wonderful as well.

Canine Cafe
125 Remount Road, Charlotte 28203

This bakery was started in 1995, and in 2004 they extended what they offered to the community and added pet supplies and toys.  They have so many great things!  Outdoor and travel gear, collars, leashes, harnesses, toys, bowls, grooming supplies.  Food and supplements, of course, and wonderful homemade treats.  All baking is done onsite as well, so you know it always smells delicious there, too!


Hope I’ve helped you out!  Check these places out, let us know what your favorite is!

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