Client Services Representative for Little Friends Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Company

We have two part-time openings for a Client Service Representative at Little Friends Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Company.

Check us out at www.littlefriendspetsitting.com

Must be able to work various shifts per week (9a-7pm) and schedule is made one month in advance. Every 3rd weekend you will be on call

  • Must have 2 or more years experience in high paced office setting (you can also take pet sits in addition to office hours)
  • Must have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Be authorized to work in the United States.
  • Must have reliable transportation.
  • Background check required.
  • Hourly rate:Range $10-13 (based on experience)
  • Part time Hours

Additional Info

Valid Driver’s License

Minimum Age

21+ years old

Company Culture:

Little Friends Pet Sitting and Dog walking is founded on an ethos of compassion and cooperation. We aim to revolutionize the pet sitting and dog-walking industry through technological innovation, personal connection, and individual passion for pet care! We believe our employees are key in implementing that goal, and we are looking for you.

We are looking for a dynamic and energetic candidate that wants to assist people and pets with planning their needs in pet sitting. We are large pet sitting company, starting in 2009 and have been able to maintain a high rating on Angie’s List, Facebook, Yelp, and Google. Now having 80+ sitters, hundred of active clients, we are looking for someone upbeat and fun to help us by being a part time Client Services Representative.

Position description:

The Client Service Representative plays a vital role in the operations of our business. Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Customer Service: Interfacing with clients, both human and furry, as well as our sitter team via online, telephone or in person.
  • Time Management: Scheduling, training, and communicating with all pet sitters, including assisting with on-the-job emergencies, as needed. You can also work your own pet sitting routes.
  • Sales: Act as an ambassador for Little Friends Pet Sitting and Dog Walking, prospecting potential new business in person at local events, online via social media, and on the phone.

The ideal candidate:

  • Is detail-oriented. We base our business on exceptional client service and anticipating needs before they become concerns or issues.
  • Is personable, presentable and polite. We get very busy! Salesmanship is a sizeable part of the job as every employee is involved in acquiring new clientele and sales prospecting. This is an opportunity to grow and develop both your own career and our company.
  • Will be responsible for working office hours and every other 3rd weekend from home (on-call)
  • Orientating new clients by communicating our processes, explaining how to use the online scheduling tool and selecting a pet sitter to perform the service requested by the client
  • Ensuring the service provided met the clients expectations and providing the feedback to the sitter
  • Addressing client and sitter concerns in a professional manner

Managing current client requests:

  • Using the online scheduling software (Time To Pet)
  • Coordinate with the clients and sitters on clients requests using email and iPhone
  • Emergency Pet Sitting when you are on call (paid as a sitter in addition to hourly office rate)
  • Client Feedback Process Management, making sure the client feels valued.
  • Onboarding all new sitters
  • Scheduling new sitter interviews
  • Management of interview process for new pet sitters
  • Training new pet sitters on processes needed to follow our values

This will be an opportunity to demonstrate your strengths as a Client Service Representative and brand ambassador and to expand your career potential in this exciting and growing field, all while spending your day with animals and other fun people! What more could you ask for?! The Client Service Representative is designed as a jumping-off point with growth potential for the right individual. We need someone who genuinely invested in developing his or her career in the pet care industry as a long-term goal.

Please email resume and cover letter to laurenfrank@littlefriendspetsitting.com

8 Ways to Keep Your Dog Hydrated this Summer

dog hydrated tips puppies drinking

Summer is the perfect time to get out and enjoy family and friends. Not only for you but for your furry family as well. Dogs enjoy getting out playing with other dogs and just having the freedom to roam and explore their surroundings. However, the summer months in the South can be detrimental to the health of your pet. It is important to learn how to keep your dog hydrated and safe during these hot months.

Recognize Signs of Dehydration in Dogs

Help your pet by learning the signs of dehydration. Signs of dehydration include loss of energy, excessive panting, and your dog’s eyes might appear sunken. Your dog might also have dry and sticky gums. If dehydration has reached this level in your dog, call your veterinarian immediately. Your pet will need to have their fluids replenished and be monitored to avoid their condition deteriorating.

Know Daily Water Recommendations

Your dog needs one ounce of water for each pound they weigh. If your pet weighs 30 pounds they will need 30 ounces of water a day. It does not hurt them to take more water in during hot months. Keep a close eye on how much your pet is drinking each day. It is a great idea to measure out their water to ensure they are getting the proper amount. Check your pet’s water bowl a few times during the day and refill it with fresh water as needed.

Provide Shade for Your Pet

Furry pets need a lot of shade in the South during hot months.  If you are relaxing in the shade or air conditioner, your pet should have a cool spot they can retreat to as well. At times, you might have to encourage your pet to go to their shaded area and relax.

Add Water to Dog Food

Consider offering your dog more wet food during summer months. If your dog is not drinking enough water on its own, you might also consider adding a little water to their dry food. Dry food is not high in water, so adding a little is a genius way to get more water into your furry friend.

Keep Water on Hand

Since summers in the South are extremely hot, most people keep cool bottles of water on hand. When planning a trip outside the home, always take extra bottles along for your pets. Just as easy people become overheated riding in a car with no air condition, so can your pet. If your pet does become overheated or slightly dehydrated, with bottles of water on hand, you can act quickly.

Provide Frozen Treats for Your Pet

Everyone loves frozen treats whether its ice cream or popsicles. Your dog will love them too. You can purchase these treats in just about any store that sells dog food. Also, consider making your own frozen treats for your pet. Frozen broth is a great treat for dogs. It is a great way to give your pet something tasty and keep them cool and hydrated.

Keep Your Dog Groomed

Keep your dog well-groomed during the hot months. Not only will they look better, but they will feel better too. Your dog’s undercoat is actually part of their natural cooling system, but if not properly maintained it can become matted and prevent the necessary air flow across your pet’s skin.

Purchase a Kiddie Pool

Set up a kiddie pool in a cool and shaded area for your dog. Fill it with water so that your pet can take a cool dip when needed. If your dog has no problem with being in water, it will appreciate you showing love with this quick and convenient way for them to splash around and cool down.

To find out more about keeping your dog happy, safe, and healthy in the hot South this summer visit us.


Fireworks and Pets: Your 5-Step Guide to Enjoying the 4th of July

4th of july boy dog

As the 4th of July approaches, you may be looking forward to attending one of the many multi-day fireworks celebrations held across the state. Or maybe you’re hosting your own laidback get-together at home. Whether you are planning to attend a festival or host your own event, it’s important to ensure that your pets receive the proper care during fireworks. Below is your 5-step guide to safely enjoying the 4th of July fireworks with your pet without worries:

1) Plan in advance to keep pets indoors 

The single most important step you can take to keep your pet safe during 4th of July fireworks is to plan to keep your pets inside your home or apartment. If you are planning to entertain at your home, you may even want to designate a special room or level of your home for your pet. This measure will help prevent your pet from venturing outside if a guest inadvertently leaves the door open.

2) Secure trusted pet care if you plan to be out of town

It can be challenging to secure reliable pet care on a busy holiday weekend. So make sure you make a reservation with a boarding facility or pet-sitting service as soon as you confirm your travel plans. As you compare options, look for trusted providers like Little Friends.

3) Consider a pressure wrap or medication for anxiety-prone pets

“Pressure wraps like the Thundershirt or Anxiety Wrap may help calm some pets. While we do not know the exact mechanism for how they work, some suggest that the light pressure they produce on the body may lead to an endorphin release that could have a calming effect.”

– Amanda E. Florsheim, DVM, CBCC-KA 

46% of dogs and cats are fearful of fireworks. No one likes to see their beloved pets afraid. Some pet owners find that crating their pets helps to alleviate anxiety. Owners of pets with more serious cases of fireworks anxiety find that pressure wraps like Thunder Shirts and medications help to alleviate stress for their pets. Always consult with a licensed veterinarian before introducing an anti-stress medication.

4) Keep your pet occupied

Keeping your pet occupied is a great way to help lessen any minor anxieties your pet might have about fireworks. Here are a few ways to help you keep your pet busy while fireworks are in action:

  • Give your pet a new toy on the 4th of July
  • Play music or a sound machine to help counteract the noise of the fireworks
  • Consider using a pet-sitting service to keep your dog occupied

5) Thoroughly clean up all debris if you are celebrating at home

Pieces of burned wrapper and gunpowder can be harmful to pets and small children if they are ingested.  Before you allow your pet to re-enter your yard, make sure that you have thoroughly scanned your yard and collected all leftover debris. Finally, make sure that you give debris time to cool down before attempting removal or disposal.

The Bottom Line

By following the tips above, you can enjoy the 4th of July fireworks while keeping your pets happy and comfortable. For more tips on enjoying a safe summer with your pets or to learn more about our services, contact us anytime.