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Dog owners are generally perceived as healthier and more likely to meet their fitness goals. We’re not just saying that either; it’s proven by statistics. Dog owners are almost 80% more likely to meet the necessary physical activity criteria.

Most people who plan on getting more exercise but can’t state that they couldn’t stick to the routine because they have no one to exercise with. This lack of a workout partner causes the workouts to become boring and also giving them no motivation to continue. Dog owners usually don’t face this issue because whether they like it or not, they can’t neglect their duties as a dog parent. The walks and exercises are also made fun by the fact that they have the pleasurable companionship of their dog, making the entire thing more fun than doing it alone.

So, the next time you take your dog out to walk or play, know that you and your dog are getting healthy together!


It is quite simple to see that dog owners generally get more walk time than non-dog owners. The number of miles that dog owners collectively cover when they walk their dogs is equivalent to walking the entire European continent over three times!

Taking your dog on regular walks is one of the chores that dog parents sign up for when they decide to get a dog, so even when you have no motivation to get out of bed on a Sunday morning, or when the weather is chilly outside, you get up out of love for your furry friend.

Dogs also make you walk faster than you normally would when walking alone or with a human buddy. This leads to a good leg workout and a fair bit of cardio! The increased exercise means that dog walkers at a lower risk of diabetes than non-dog owners.

Jog or Run

Bigger, excitable dogs often need more demanding exercises to burn off their energy. Sometimes, a walk just might not suffice; you might have to take them out for a run or a jog. While they run, so do you. Dogs enjoy energetic exercises, and their enthusiasm is contagious, goading you into running beside them.

Dog Yoga

Did you know that dogs can become your yoga partners too? Yes, dog yoga is very much a thing, and if you feel too hesitant about joining a yoga class alone, you can join one where your dog can accompany you. Not only will both of you get to stretch those muscles, but you will also get quality time with each other.


Dogs are great swimmers, and they can motivate you to take up swimming too. Swimming builds strength, tones your muscles, and helps you shed those extra pounds. It is also a great way for your dog to burn off excess energy. If your dog enjoys playing in the water, all you need to do is find a dog-friendly swimming pool. You and your dog can swim laps together in the pool. You can even take a floating fetch toy for your dog and play an improvised game of fetch right there in the pool.

Hiking Trip

Are your friends too caught up in their busy routines to go on a weekend hiking getaway? Not to worry; your dog can be your ideal hiking partner. Dogs are enthusiastic hikers and love going on outdoor adventures. So, pack up your bags and go out for a hike. You can even leave your dog leash-free, and let him roam around at his liberty. There are plenty of camping options in dog-friendly campsites, where you guys can spend the night after a long hike.

Dogs not only help you stay physically healthy, but they also help keep you mentally fit. However, we understand that life gets in the way, so if you can’t fit in a regular dog walk in your routine, you can count on Little Friends Pet Sitting and Dog Walking to take care of that for you.

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