Becoming a Foster…

The work that is accomplished through the Humane Society and other rescue organizations is supplemented by the assistance of people who can foster needy pets. Fosters are assets to these groups. The Humane Society of Charlotte brings out that “fostering is vital to our mission. The work of foster homes makes young, shy, or ill animals adoptable.”

We can all have a share in helping needy animals, through donations, adoptions and fostering. Have you ever considered becoming a foster home? The Humane Society has provided helpful information here, which describes briefly what fostering involves.

The Realities of Being a Foster:

  • Foster animals and your own animals should be separated for a trial period and when you are not home, to make sure everyone gets along.
  • Foster pets require significant amounts of time and may require multiple trips back to the shelter, for checkups, etc.
  • Their health must be monitored, to spot signs of illness, or worsening symptoms.
  • The day will come when the pet you have become attached to will return back to the shelter, but they were able to find their permanent home because you opened your home to them!

Fostering can be a very rewarding experience, helping needy animals!



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