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Choosing the right raw dog food is important for your pet’s health and your peace of mind. We’ll help you sort through the many raw food options for your pet.

The better we eat, the better we feel and the healthier we are. Well, the same concept applies to your pet. If you’re a dog owner, you might have realized by now that dry dog food alone isn’t cutting it when it comes to getting your pet the nutrients they need. As we are learning the importance of our own healthy diets and their effects on our overall and long-term health, it makes sense to do the same for our furry friends, too.

But many pet owners aren’t sure where to begin with raw feeding. What are its benefits? How often should I be feeding my dogs raw food? And, most confusing of all, which raw food is best for my pet, my budget, and my busy schedule?

A raw diet can improve and contribute to your pet’s healthy diet and overall well-being far more than the traditional processed dry food. A specialized diet with biologically appropriate raw food can provide for healthier teeth and gums, a shinier coat, a reduced likelihood of chronic illness or health issues like diabetes and obesity, and most importantly, a happier, more natural lifestyle for your canine friend. Working-in even one raw meal per week, or even per day, can create huge changes in your pet’s appearance, energy, and overall health.

Finding the right formula and correct diet for dogs can be overwhelming. We realize that choosing or sourcing ingredients such as raw meat, raw bones or ground bones, bone broth, frozen food, etc. for your dog can be time-consuming; however, if you choose a reputable and credible raw dog food company, this process will be easier and help keep your dog safe and healthy. When you’re ready to explore a raw diet for your pet and start the transition to a homemade meal, here are some great affordable options for raw dog food from reputable food brands to get you started on the right diet for dogs.

ZiwiPeak Air-Dried Dog Food

We love this air-dried raw food because of its versatility. It’s great for both small and large dogs, as a supplement to dry food, or as a complete meal replacement. It’s nutrient-dense, with lots of protein for your pooch without an excess of carbohydrates or additives. Schedule your weekly, semi-weekly, or monthly delivery directly to your door with an Amazon subscription.

Having a subscription can help you keep a consistent and balanced diet for your dogs and reduce the stress of thinking about the right timing and raw dog food inventory.

Instinct Limited Ingredient Dog Food

This all-natural option uses limited ingredients, as the name suggests. This formula is an excellent grain-free option for dogs with sensitive stomachs, food sensitivities, and digestive issues. This coated-raw dry food is made with whole balanced ingredients, like a grass-fed lamb, with minimal processing. This raw dog food and others by Instinct are great subscription options to have for any busy professional who has high standards for the quality of their pet’s meals.

There’s always a choice for owners who want a happier life for their pets by choosing between a variety of natural pet products and different plans to meet your dog’s diet requirement consistently. So we recommend looking for commercial raw dog food that best fits your budget, your schedule, and your dog’s food diet. Food brands like Instinct are a good option for you.

BARF Frozen Chubs

BARF is a competitive raw-food company that creates a complete meal for your pet that encompasses all aspects of the natural diet of dogs and their ancestral diet. BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) Frozen Chubs offer the convenience of frozen, raw foods for your pet, composed of the meat, bone, organ tissue, and vegetables they need for their happiest, healthiest lives. Not only does this high-quality food offer the convenience of freezing, but it also comes in a variety of proteins and can be purchased in larger quantities that make the price per pound much more affordable than some of its counterparts.

TruDog Freeze-Dried Raw Superfood

TruDog’s Freeze-Dried Raw Superfood is just that- 100 percent beef without any grains, additives or coloring. It’s easy to prepare and veterinarian-engineered to protect your dog’s health and safety. This product guarantees safety and satisfaction and is suitable for all dogs. Some of its customer reviews note health benefits and high satisfaction in quality and taste (according to their dogs!) This is our favorite freeze-dried selection for nutrient-dense raw dog food.

Nature’s Logic Raw Frozen Patties

These nutrient-dense, 3.2 oz patties come in 5 different protein options, including rabbit and venison, for any and all of your pet’s preferences. They’re grain-free, and supply all of your pet’s micronutrient needs without synthetic supplements, because they’re 90 percent real raw meat. They contain both muscle meat and organ meat, organic fruits, and vegetables that your dog needs, to keep a well-balanced diet.

Steve’s Real Food Freeze-Dried Raw Nuggets

This freeze-dried food comes in both nugget and patty form, depending on your pet’s size and preference. They’re also great for a high, lean-protein diet that guarantees no hormones or antibiotics, and aim to make your raw-feeding easy, convenient and affordable. Its formula uses an 80:20 ratio of real meat to produce, per your dog’s biological needs, in order to offer the most balanced nutrition possible and convenience in supporting your pet’s health and safety.

Stella and Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Meal Mixers

This brand is our preferred brand for meal add-ins, when you’re making the transition to raw dog food, or looking to supplement a dry food raw diet. These meal mixers make raw meals extremely low-stress and are great to order as a weekly or semi-weekly subscription. It’s made from 95% cage-free chicken, organs and meaty bone plus 100% organic produce to supplement your dog’s nutritional needs that are not always met by processed and dry food. This product and some of Stella and Chewy’s other great products are enhanced with base proteins and probiotics, which aid in digestion for even the most sensitive puppy or adult dog bellies.

Raw Dog Food Best Practices

When introducing raw food for dogs, it’s important to make the best choice for your pup’s safety and health, as well as your own hectic work schedule, and budget. Starting with meal mixers to supplement your dog’s dry food is a great way to witness the benefits of a more nutritionally comprehensive diet for your dog, including energy levels, attitude, coat, dental health, and gums with an affordable price-point.

Finding the best natural pet products for your pet might require trying multiple raw ingredients over time. Be sure to only introduce one new food combination at a time, in order to determine your pet’s sensitivities, if any, and their flavor preferences. Many of these pet food alternatives offer a wide variety of protein options, fresh food, frozen dog foods, and freeze-dried options. What you choose should be based on your storage and your dog’s preferences.

Remember to read the nutrition information about the products you choose. Adding raw food to a dry food diet doesn’t mean doubling your pet’s calorie intake, which can promote obesity no matter how wholesome and complete the ingredients are. It also shouldn’t mean breaking the bank, as some of your current dry food expenses will be replaced by slightly higher-priced, higher-quality, raw foods.

Still Not Sure About Raw Feeding?

If the research behind transitioning your furry friend to a healthier, safer raw-food diet seems too daunting a task to add to your to-do list, we encourage you to speak with your pets’ veterinarian. Your vet knows your pet best and can help guide you in determining the raw food diet for your furry friend.

At Little Friends Pet Sitting, our highly trained pet sitters can follow detailed meal prep instructions and ensure your pets dietary plans continue as scheduled. If you would like to learn more about our pet sitting options and how we can follow a specific food diet for your pet, please contact us.

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