10 Essentials for New Pet Owners

10 Essentials for New Pet Owners

Are you new to pet parenting and still haven’t gotten the hang of it yet? Being a first-time pet owner can be overwhelming at first, and you are constantly scared of messing up. Relax. While having a pet is a responsibility, it is also so much fun! You have delightful company and a new friend who adores you to no end!

To make your life easier, and to enable your pet’s seamless integration into the family, it is better to be prepared. Equip yourself with these must-have items for pet owners in anticipation of your new pet, and you guys will get along just fine!

1. Food and Treats

Stock up on good quality food. Ideally, your pet should be getting a mixture of homemade food and store-bought kibble from a well-reputed brand. Do your research to find out what food is best for your pet and arrange a healthy diet schedule for them. The food they eat should include proteins, carbs, and other nutrients necessary for their well-being.

In the initial stages of training your pet, nothing helps more than treats. Keep a few treats handy, so you can reward your pet for learning house manners and cool tricks.

2. Food and Water Bowls

Food and water bowls should be accessible to your pet at all times. Pick out good quality bowls, as low-quality plastic ones can irritate your pet’s skin when they eat or drink from them.

3. Grooming Supplies

Your pet’s hygiene is of utmost importance. Buy a good pet shampoo, grooming brushes, and toothbrushes that you will occasionally use to ensure their cleanliness.

4. Bed

Get a cozy bed for your pet, so they feel welcome and comfortable, and have a designated place to sleep in.

5. Identification Collars

Put a tag on that neck! Pets can get lost or slip out the door when you’re not looking. Put a collar on your pet with their name and your contact number, so in case someone finds them, they can inform you.

6. Toys

Besides keeping your pet entertained, toys also give your pets something to chew on and scratch, so they don’t ruin your furniture or use you as a chew toy.

7. Litter box

Prior to getting a pet, arrange a litter box or litter mat for your pet that they can go in, and then train them to use it. A litter box is especially necessary if your pet is going to spend most of their time indoors.

8. Basic Medication

Keep some basic first-aid medication handy, like paw pad moisturizers, ointments for scratches, and some vet-approved medicines for upset stomachs. Don’t ever self-medicate, and don’t give your pet human medications as not all of them are safe for animals.

9. Cleaning Supplies

Get some cleaning supplies for your home too. Pets sometimes attract germs, and there can be incidences of your pet soiling your carpet or furniture. Buy deodorizers, anti-bacterial surface cleaners, and flea sprays to keep your house in good shape.

10. Transport Crate

Get a sufficiently-sized crate for occasional vet visits or if you have to transport your pets. Crates are available in all sizes, from large dogs to small rabbits.

So, go pet shopping today and get these must-have items for pet owners! If you need any assistance with pet sitting or walking your pet, Little Friends Pet Sitting and Dog Walking can help you out.