4 Ways to Decide If You Need Pet Insurance

4 Ways to Decide If You Need Pet Insurance

September is National Pet Insurance Month, which means you’ve probably been hearing a lot about pet insurance. But what is pet insurance? What is the best pet insurance? Do you really need it for your pet? Let’s take a closer look.

What is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance, like human health insurance, is designed to protect your family members in the event of a health emergency–in this case, your furry family members. Pet insurance provides some coverage any time your pet needs to visit the vet for an emergency illness or injury. The terms of the policy, including how much it covers and what types of visits to the vet, will vary based on your coverage. But overall, pet insurance can help you save a fortune.

If you’re on the fence about pet insurance, ask yourself these key questions. These questions are designed to make sure you’re making the right decision for your pet and your finances.

1. Can You Pay a Large, Unexpected Vet Bill?

In some cases, vet bills for emergencies–emergency surgery for an animal hit by a car, cancer treatments, treatments for broken limbs–can run thousands of dollars. If your pet is hit with a large, unexpected bill, can you afford to pay it? Do you have a savings account that will allow you to provide treatment for your furry family member in an emergency?

Imagine being faced with a surprise emergency trip to the vet. Your vet is telling you that the best chance for your pet will be an expensive procedure, but you can’t afford it. Pet insurance can provide peace of mind. It can let you pay for the treatment your pet needs without draining your savings account or going into debt.

2. Is Your Pet Getting Older?

As your pet gets older, you will find that emergency vet visits increase. You may need to spend more time at the vet in general–and you’ll certainly see your pet go through more illnesses or the potential for more injuries. On the other hand, if your pet is still young, you have no idea what health problems they may have brought along with them, including the potential for chronic illness. Pet insurance will allow you to take care of your pet no matter what type of health problems they may have. Keep in mind that pet insurance tends to be more affordable for younger pets. You may want to lock in a rate while your pet is still young.

3. Does Your Pet Go Outside Alone?

Outdoor pets have a higher possibility for injury as well as illness than pets who stay inside. Pets who are outside are more likely to get hit by cars, and you may have less idea what they’re eating than pets who stay inside, where you can keep an eye on them. Of course, even indoor pets could eat something they shouldn’t (like the top dangerous foods for cats and dogs). Pet insurance will allow you to protect your furry friend regardless of whether they spend time indoors or out.

4. Do You Want to Be Financially Prepared?

Building a savings account can take months or even years to get to a point where you can easily and comfortably pay for a hefty vet bill. With pet insurance, on the other hand, you can simply put your vet bills on your credit card and file for reimbursement. This will keep your finances in better shape and also allow you to reserve your savings account for other potential emergencies.

Ultimately, any pet owner can benefit from insurance to help protect their finances and allow them to care for their furry family members more effectively. If you don’t have pet insurance, you may find yourself getting hit for a significant vet bill at the worst possible moment. Unfortunately, your furry family member may be the one to suffer for it. If you feel like pet insurance will give you more peace of mind, it’s definitely worth looking into.

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