Daily Dog Walking, does your dog need it?

Daily Dog Walking, does your dog need it?

Speaking of dog walking……how frequently do you walk your dog?  Do you know how long your dog needs to walk per day?  Do you know how many times per day your dogs need to walk?  Do YOU have the time to walk your dog based on their walking needs?

I have 4 dogs.  One is a senior dog and just not into it any more and has some health issues.  We try to walk her a bit because she has gained a bit of  ‘girly’ weight, but she is really feeble.  So not much walking for her.

The other three dogs, we can’t even spell the work ‘walk’ or say ‘w’ and they are bouncing off of the walls wanting to go NOW for their walks.  And honestly, we could use the walks ourselves!

So, how many walks per day does YOUR dog need?  And how long should each walk be? Depends.

As the following article in Dogtime.com indicates, “a walk around the block is not going to cut it for most dogs. A range of between 30 to 60 minutes per day is ‘necessary’ for health, good behaviors, etc.”  But it truly depends on your dog, so take a look at this article and see if you can ‘map out a plan’ for your pup.

What Are My Dog’s Exercise Needs?

Ok, now that you have a ‘plan’ for your dog’s walks…. are you available and willing to carry out that plan?  Have you got the time?

If not, that is where a dog walking service provider is your ‘go to’ option.  Seriously, there are a ton of them.  And some really good ones.  But how do you know which ones are the best?

I own a dog walking service, Little Friends Pet Sitting and Dog Walking, so of course my advice matches what we offer and the reasons we think you should choose us. But seriously, what are the characteristics you should look for with ANY dog walking service provider?

How do you know you have the BEST Dog Walker?

  1. How many time options are available for you to choose from? 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes?
  2. Are packages of walks offered so you can save a bit of money if you will be requesting a lot of walks?
  3. Does the service provider have a lot of pet sitters for your area so there are backups for your primary walker?
  4. Is a GPS tracker used so you can track where your pup is at all times in the care of the walker?
  5. Will a ‘report card‘ be sent each and every time your dog is walked showing potty activities, pics of your pup on their walk, and any thing walkers noticed like limping or potty problems?
  6. Are the dog walkers qualified , background checked, bonded and insured?
  7. Is it EASY to do business with the office staff and online scheduling tools?

If you can answer yes to ALL of these questions, then you have chosen the BEST dog walking service provider for your area.  Choose Little Friends Pet Sitting and Dog Walking and you will be able to answer YES to all of those questions.

Don’t wait. Make a 2018 plan for your dog’s daily walks.  And either get out there and walk your dog OR contact Little Friends. We would LOVE to walk your dog!