Household Hazards – Your Indoor Pets Can Get Into Trouble

Household Hazards – Your Indoor Pets Can Get Into Trouble

Does your indoor pet sleep all day or do they get bored? Some pets love to snoop around and see what they can find that interest them. Sometimes their snooping can lead to them getting into trouble.

Parents ‘baby proof’ their homes. “Pet proofing” your home is important and critical to ensure your pet’s safety. Some of the actions you take in ‘baby or childproofing’ your home are the same actions to take for your pets.

Keep chemicals out of reach

For those really smart pets who can get into anything, that might mean putting those cabinet door locks on cabinets where you keep your chemicals. Even if you put them on high shelving, your kitties may be able to jump up to the shelves, so consider where the safest place is to keep all of the pets from getting to the chemicals.

Chocolate needs to be out of reach too

Chocolate is poisonous for pets. For those of you that keep candy in a dish for your ease of reaching out, make sure your pet can’t get to it.

Plants may be ‘very interesting’ to a pet who is bored.

All that great looking dirt, pretty flowers that smell so good, and green leaves can be very tempting to a pet looking for something to explore and eat.  There are a lot of plants that are unsafe for pets.  Did you know that the Poinsettia is poisonous for pets?  But that is only one.  Keep them out of reach if you have poisonous plants or you might want to consider not having them.

Check out this article published by Pet Sitters International written by Debbie De Louise, a member of the Cat Writers’ Association with The Long Island Author’s Group.