How to Get Organized at Christmas When you Have Pets

How to Get Organized at Christmas When you Have Pets

Christmas is approaching, and there is so much to do! By this time, you probably have an ever-growing list of things you need to get done before Christmas. Shopping for Christmas presents for your friends and family, arranging an intimate Christmas dinner for your family or going out to get a Christmas tree. You need all the help you can get to get things organized in time for Christmas.

When you finally get some time off from work to get things done, you can’t step out of the house for too long because that means you’ll be leaving your pets alone at home. That is one worry that plagues pet parents, and we can take it off your hands. Get yourself a pet sitter who can babysit your pet while you go out running errands and getting things in place for Christmas. Little Friends Pet Sitting and Dog Walking is here to lend a hand.

If you don’t know where to start to get organized before Christmas, start with these tasks.

Tidy Up Your place

Start with doing a major clean-up of your house. Living with pets may make your home messier than that of a non-pet owner. Be it their volumes of fur that finds its way everywhere to their toys scattered all across the floor; it’s a lot to clean up.

You can replace the furniture your pets have ruined as a result of their scratching or chewing, or you can do up your furniture to make it look brand new. If you have guests coming over to stay, you should ideally arrange a pet-free zone as a guest bedroom for them, too, as some people are allergic to dander or scared of animals. Ideally, you want your guests to feel as comfortable as possible in your house.

Decorate Your Place

Bring in the Christmas tree! Arranging the tree is one of the most fun parts of preparing for Christmas, so bring out all the lights and embellishments and get decorating. String up the lights around the place and give your house a cozy Christmas feel to it. Make sure the décor is pet-friendly; do not leave little trinkets lying around that your dog can swallow. Other pet-friendly Christmas décor could include:

  1. Shatterproof Christmas tree ball ornaments to doll up your tree.
  2. Electric candles, instead of real ones. These candles won’t pose a fire hazard if they’re knocked down by your pet.
  3. A Christmas cactus, instead of Mistletoe. Mistletoe is poisonous to dogs.

Go Shopping for Presents

Oh, yes, once you have decided what you want to get for your friends and family, go shopping. Buy gifts for everyone important to you. Put in some thought beforehand about what you want to get, so you waste as little time as possible in browsing and selecting gifts. Oh, and don’t forget to get something for your pet, too, be it a bag of treats, a sweater, or a new toy!

Decide a Menu

If you’re hosting a family dinner, you need to decide a menu and start prepping beforehand. If you want to go with a grand turkey dinner, or something much less conventional, you still need to go grocery shopping to prepare a meal for so many people.  Think about your pet, too, and make them a special Christmas meal that they can enjoy along with you. Refer to this article to see what ingredients to avoid when cooking them a meal!

Post-Christmas Vacation

If you plan on taking full advantage of your Christmas holidays and going on a vacation right after Christmas or visit your friends and family in another state, you need to make other arrangements for your pets.

Little Friends Pet Sitting and Dog Walking services can help you out by taking some of the responsibility off your shoulders and a big worry off your chest.

You can get yourself a pet sitter who conducts regular checkups on your cats, or a dog walker who can take your dog out for his daily runs, while you get things sorted out at your end.  Check out our dog walking and pet sitting packages on our website, and let us take some things off your plate as you prepare for and make the most of your Christmas.