Is An In-Home Pet-Sitter Right for You?

Is An In-Home Pet-Sitter Right for You?

If you’re heading out of town, have a busy work schedule, or simply have too much to do around your home to adequately care for your pet, you have a lot of options for pet care help.

In-home and overnight pet sitting is a full-service pet care option that gives you and your pet the peace of mind of professional, compassionate care. But is it right for your pet?

Here’s what to consider when deciding what type of pet care is right for you and your furry friends. 

Do I need an in-home pet sitter? 

When considering whether an in-home pet sitter is right for you and your pets, first consider whether you need a pet sitter at all. If you’re headed out of town without your pet, you’ll need a caregiver for your pet, of course. But there are other reasons to hire an in-home pet sitter, too. 

Here are some of the reasons you might want to consider hiring a pet sitter to come to your home, even when you’re home too: 

- Your pet isn’t getting as much exercise as they need 

- Your pet is displaying anxious behaviors 

- You have a high energy pet

- You have a young pet who is still practicing house training 

- You’re too busy to walk your pet between 2 to 4 times per day

- You’re hosting an event and want to make sure your pet’s needs are met

- You have important work to do and want to make sure your pet gets cared for

- Your pet has mobility issues 

- Your time away will be lengthy 

- You don’t have time to slowly introduce your pet to a boarding facility

For shorter-term pet care needs, you could also consider hiring a dog walker. If you know you can meet most of your pet’s needs throughout the day, but still need an extra pair of hands and eyes on your pet for 1-2 visits per day, you could hire a dog walking service instead.

Are in-home pet sitters safe? 

When you allow a pet sitter into your home, there are risks involved, as with any other business. It’s important to do your research and know who you’re hiring before you commit to hiring them.

Reputable pet sitters are skilled professionals who have experience caring for pets. Many of Charlotte’s best pet caregivers have backgrounds in veterinary tech care, training, grooming, and other pet related fields. They understand your pet’s needs and are able to meet those needs with little feedback from you. 

When hiring an at-home pet sitter, be sure to check whether they’re company is bonded and insured. This protects your home and your pet in the event that something happens while you’re away. It’s also a great signifier that a pet sitting company is serious about the professionalism of their pet sitters and their services.

Are in-home pet sitters better than using a boarding facility?

Boarding is a term that includes doggy daycare and overnight pet care at a business location outside of your home. Boarding can be a safe alternative for some pets, but research shows that boarding can be traumatic and scary for many others. 

Like dropping your toddler off at daycare, boarding a pet can be anxiety inducing. What’s worse is that you can’t explain to your pet that you’ll be back, when you’ll be back, or why their daily routine is suddenly being disrupted. Boarding at a kennel can also expose your pet to kennel cough and other airborne diseases.

Boarding is not a great option for pets who are afraid of, or confrontational with other pets. It can also be difficult to find boarding locations for pets other than dogs. An in-home pet sitter can care for all of your pets in the safety and comfort of their own home, a familiar and stress-free environment for them. 

Am I comfortable with pet sitters in my home? 

Your next consideration when choosing a pet care service might be whether you’re comfortable with a pet sitter in your home.

Much of this decision should be based on your comfortability with their bonding and insurance status, but you might consider other factors as well. If you’re typically uncomfortable with new people in your space, consider whether you’d feel comfortable getting to know your pet sitter and allowing them into your home. Many pet sitting companies offer in-person consultations before your services so you can personally get to know your pet sitter.

It might also be safer to hire a home pet sitter than it is to leave your home vacant while you’re away. Burglaries are more likely if your home appears empty for extended periods of time, so hiring a pet sitter to stay in your home is not only better for your pets, it’s probably better for your home too. 

In-home pet sitters may also offer overnight pet care, should you decide that your pet’s comfort is important to you and you need someone to stay overnight with them. Decide your level of comfortability and your pet’s unique needs when deciding whether in-home pet care is right for you both. 

Are there in-home pet sitters near me? 

There are many at home pet sitters near Charlotte, but not all pet sitters are created equally. Little Friends Pet Sitting offers in-home pet sitting whether you’re home or away. We’re bonded, insured, and hire only the most professional and reliable pet care experts. 

We have a user-friendly website and easy-to-use app to make the technicalities of pet care simple. Plus, you can schedule in advance, choose your pet’s favorite pet care professional each time, and easily communicate with your pet’s caregiver while you’re away.

If you need to hire overnight pet sitters near Charlotte, we do that too. Overnight pet care is perfect for pets who are afraid to sleep alone, are house training, or have special health or medication needs. Take a look at our overnight pet sitting services for all of your pet care needs, with free home care add-ons available if you need them.