Will You Be My Doggie Date?

Will You Be My Doggie Date?

If you can have a love life, why can’t your dog? Let your dog enjoy the company of other doggos, like you do with your human friends. Dogs enjoy the company of humans, too, so how about you take him out with you sometimes?

Dogs adore company, be it human or doggie, so why deprive him of the little pleasures in his life? Letting your dog socialize a bit (with supervision, of course) will do him nothing but good.

Set The Puppy Up For A Date

Let the doggie have some fun. Arrange a doggie date for your furry friend and let them go out or stay in and spend some time together. You can hit up any friend of yours who’s a dog parent, and ask them if they would like the dogs to meet sometime. Take out your dog’s favorite biscuits and the treats that he loves so much and serve it to them. Create a comfortable space for them and bring out their favorite toys so that they can play with each other. Trust us; your doggie will love you even more for this.

If your dog is well-behaved and friendly enough, you can even set him up on a blind date. Who knows – the two dogs might end up becoming the best of friends. Be careful with this idea, though, as the sight of an unfamiliar dog might make the two hostile and aggressive towards each other.

Bring Your Dog Along With You on a Date

If you can’t set up a date for your dog, then how about you let him tag along with you when you go on a date? This is also a great way to introduce your partner to your dog. If they both approve of each other, you know it’s meant to be. You can spend quality time together with your date and your dog and do fun things involving the three of you. If your date is a dog-lover too, they’ll enjoy the outing all the more.

However, check with your date to make sure they’re okay with your dog accompanying the two of you on your date. Make sure they aren’t scared or nervous around dogs; if they are, respect their reservations and leave your dog at home, with a friend, or with a pet sitter.

Dog-Friendly Dating Places

Unfortunately, not many places will allow you to bring your dog with you. For example, you can’t bring your dog to a fine-dining restaurant where you made reservations for two. Also, you won’t be able to take him with you to the movies or even to the mall.

Feel like you’re running out of places to take your date where your dog would be equally welcome? Here are some places where you can spend some quality time with your date as well as your precious pup.


Parks are never a bad idea. You can find a perfectly secluded spot to sit and peacefully chat or walk around. You can even pack a picnic! Your dog can run around unleashed, or stay with you on your heels, enjoying the date as much as you.

Hiking Trails

If your partner is an adventure junkie too, the three of you can go on a short hike up the local hiking trail. There, your little trio can rest up and take in the sights around you.

Beach walk

Find a non-crowded strip of beach where you can walk around peacefully and take your date for a walk along the beach. Let your dog run wild and enjoy the water while you two soak up the sun and enjoy each other’s company.

Dog-friendly bars

There are bars and even restaurants that accommodate dogs. Find some in your neighborhood and take your date there for a couple of drinks or snacks. Your dog can have fun with the other dogs there, too.

Outdoor Movie Night

An outdoor movie set up sounds romantic! Your dog can cuddle up against you two and enjoy the movie as well.

If you have to go out for a date night, and your dog can’t be a part of it, don’t feel bad. Leave him in the hands of experienced pet sitters and dog walkers from Little Friends Pet Sitting and Dog Walking, who will keep your precious pup company till you get home.