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The Many Health Benefits of Daily Walks For Your Dog

Exploring the Numerous Health Advantages of Daily Walks for Your Dog

If you’re a new pet parent, you may not realize just how beneficial regular walks can be for your dog. Being outside and moving their bodies are biological needs for your pet, just as they are for people. Not only do regular walks improve your dog’s physical health, but the mental and behavioral health benefits […]

How CBD Can Benefit Your Pet

The Advantages of CBD for Your Pet

You’ve probably heard about CBD, but do you know CBD can benefit your pet in their everyday life? CBD is a special compound that offers a variety of therapeutic benefits for both humans and pets! Ailments from seizures to separation anxiety are common reasons why pet owners have given CBD a try. Think it could […]

National Walk Your Dog Day – Feb, 22

Celebrating National Walk Your Dog Day on February 22nd (2) (1)

  Regular dog walking is one of the chores that you sign up for when you decide to adopt a dog. Dogs, unlike cats, need a lot of exercise to burn off extra energy, and the easiest way to do that is to take them out for a daily walk. Not only does it help […]

5 Benefits of LFPS vs. Hiring an Individual Pet Sitter

LFPS vs. Pet Sitter 5 Advantages

We know that you care very much about your furry friend and so do we! However, we also know that you just can’t always be home with them. After all, you have work, loved ones, and other engagements that require you to be out of the house for extended periods of time. But who will […]