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The holiday season is fast approaching, and many people are eager to get started with the festivities. Purchasing the right presents for your loved ones can be tricky. However, selecting presents for your furry friends can be even more challenging.

Instead of buying presents for your dog or cat from a pet store, you can choose to make your own. Here are some DIY Christmas present ideas for pets.

Catnip Yarn Ball Toy

If your cat enjoys catnip, they’ll love this catnip yarn ball toy. It’s incredibly easy to make and will keep your feline entertained for many days.

Materials needed

  1. A Styrofoam ball, the size of a golf ball or slightly larger.
  2. A large roll of yarn.
  3. Mod podge glue.
  4. A small quantity of catnip.
  5. An unneeded paintbrush.
  6. Hot glue gun.


Pour the catnip into a small shallow bowl. Then scoop out some mod podge and place it into a separate bowl.

Dip the paintbrush into the mod podge glue and start brushing the Styrofoam ball. Once the ball has been coated evenly, place it in the catnip bowl and roll it around. When the ball has an even coating of catnip, it should be set aside and allowed to dry.

Stick the end of your yarn string to the ball using your hot glue gun. Wrap the yarn around the ball several times, before crisscrossing in different directions. Once the yarn has covered all sides of the ball, you can tuck the end underneath one of the layers. Your cat toy is now ready for use.

Dog Teasing Pole Toy

This dog tease pole toy is great for canines with an overactive prey drive. You and your dog can enjoy this toy for several play sessions if used properly.

Materials needed

  1. A one meter long PVC pole.
  2. A strong rope.
  3. An old fluffy dog toy
  4. A knife or cutting saw


If your PVC pole is longer than one meter in length, you can cut it to a smaller length using the saw. Cut out a length of rope that is approximately 140 cm in length. If your pole is smaller than one meter, you can choose a rope length that is 40 cm longer than the pole itself.

Push your rope through the pole and pull it out from the other end. Grab the rope end at the bottom of the pole and tie a firm knot that prevents the rope from slipping out. Then tie the other end of the rope hanging from the pole to your dog toy.

Your toy is now complete. Use this toy similar to how you would use an ordinary wand toy. Dangle it over your canine and watch them attempt to grab the toy hanging from the rope.

The aforementioned toys would make great DIY Christmas presents for your pets. Try them out today.

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