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Does your dog pronk? Pronking (also known as stotting, which is a Scottish English word that means “to bounce) is absolutely hilarious if you have seen a dog do it! Alpacas, gazelles, some deer and baby lambs are all known to pronk. So what is this behavior, and why does it happen? We have the latest information on pronking for you right in this blog! Keep reading to learn more about this interesting behavior.

What does it mean to “pronk”?

Pronking is the act of leaping into the air, lifting all four paws off the ground at once. It may look like your dog is jumping for joy! Certain animal species – like young sheep, pronk more often than older sheep as it suggests playfulness. Among wild animals, pronking may be a way of avoiding predators. It is a way for the animal to say: “Hey, I’m very fit so don’t bother chasing me.” This tactic also helps animals save their energy, as running away from predators can make them more tired, and vulnerable. Sometimes animals like Gazelles propel themselves so high in the air, that they float mid-air for a few seconds between leaps!

But dogs? Yes, dogs pronk and my husband pointed it out when our Vizsla was doing it. I had never heard of it before. When he gets really excited, he runs around the room and flails his body up and down. He almost looks like a donkey.

What does it mean to “pronk”

Do specific dog breeds pronk?

Simply put, if your dog gets overexcited, and is very enthusiastic about playing with a ball or going for a walk, then it’s very likely that they will pronk around to get that energy out! If you are walking your dog in tall grassy areas, chances are they will spring up into the air to be able to scope out their surroundings.

Dogs are always communicating with their owners and people in general. This information will be helpful next time your animal is trying to get your attention. Since dogs can not speak English, it is up to us as owners to be able to read their body language and behaviors. Every dog is different in the way they try to get their owner’s attention. Although it is a survival strategy for some, the word pronk comes from the verb pronk, which means show off or strut. It has the same linguistic derivation as our English verb “prance.” Next time when you see an animal pronk, you can’t help but think it’s leaping for joy. There go our dogs teaching us new things again! Happy pronking!

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