Home care service - plant watering / house care

Our home care service covers the basics to keep your home safe and your mind at ease. 

Professionals you can count on, especiallyduring the holidays

Available 365 Days a Year

When it comes to your pet, we don't take any days off!

24/7 Emergency Coverage

When duty calls, we are always there to answer.

Bonded and Insured

Nothing says "covered" like a Little Friends pet sitting appointment.


20 minute plant watering and in-home care while you’re away

Need a quick check-in when no one’s home? We do that too.

● Water your lawn and bring in the mail when you can’t● Get eyes on your home and photo updates for peace of mind● Handle small home tasks even when you can’t be there in person

$22per 20 minute visit

Ready for peace of mind?

Experience the easiest pet service scheduling system in the greater Charlotte area. New clients can enjoy 20% off their first service request. Enjoy the comfort of a trusted, reliable pet care service with professional dog walking, pet sitting, and more at the touch of a screen!

* Offer can include entire first service booking, up to 10 appointments. Offer can only be used once. Use the code “NewClientPromo” at checkout.

We love all of our Charlotte pet parents


Next Generation Pet Care for Your Pet

Have more questions? Check out our full FAQ page.

  • Are Little Friends and the sitters/walkers insured and bonded?

    Little Friends Pet Sitting staff and pet sitters/walkers are all insured and bonded through the Business Insurers of the Carolinas. We have an extensive interview and background check process. All of our sitters/walkers must LOVE animals and have experience in owning them, pet sitting for others, volunteer work with animal rescue groups or have a vocation in pet care such as a vet technician. After a face to face interview, we obtain feedback from their references and/or previous employers as well as obtain a background check to ensure no criminal activity is in their past. Our sitters/walkers are professional, trustworthy, reliable and again, LOVE pets!

  • How do I get started using Little Friends as my pet sitting service provider?

    Please click on the box that says, “Register to Schedule”. From there you will create a profile, that has very detailed and specific questions that you need to answer. From there you will schedule the services that you would like to receive. We receive an email indicating a profile and scheduled services have been completed. We view your profile and hand select a sitter/walker for you based upon your needs, location, and the type of animals that you may have. Little Friends Pet Sitting will then send you a confirmation with the sitting engagement total, your sitter/walker’s name and the dates you are using our services. Within 24 hours of that confirmation, a sitter/walker will contact you and schedule the one-time consultation. At the time of the consultation, please provide the location of your keys or access into your home to the sitter/walker.

  • What additional charges and fees do you have?

    Holiday SurchargeAll visits scheduled on a holiday day will include a $5 holiday surcharge per visit. Our holiday days include the day before, day of, and day after: New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.
    Meet & GreetsNew clients will be offered ONE free in-person or phone new client consultation prior to your first scheduled service. Any additional in-person meet & greets will include a $6 fee and phone meet & greets will include a $3 fee.
    Late BookingWe understand last minute visit requests come up. However, so that we may have time to locate an available sitter/walker, we ask that all visits requested are scheduled in TTP 48 hours prior to the visit. The extra cost for any service scheduled with less than 48-hour notice is $7.
    Cleanup Fee for an Extra Large MessWe know pets may make messes. However, sometimes the mess is extensive. Cleaning up may take additional time and effort during the visit. Most messes will not require the extra work and can easily be managed within the timeframe of the visit. However, if we find the mess is extensive (e.g., the pet has diarrhea or has thrown up in a number of places in the home) a $5 cleanup fee will apply. The fee goes directly to the pet sitter for her/his time and effort.
    Emergency Pet TransportPet Taxi Service to Vet – $20 each wayWait time – Charged at a service rate based on time required to wait. (E.g., sitter waits 25 minutes we will charge you the 30 min service rate; sitter waits 15 min, we charge the 20 min service rate, etc.)
    Hotel Pet Sitting SurchargeIf you are visiting Charlotte and request a dog walk or pet sit during your stay, we will be glad to process your request and locate an available pet sitter for the time and dates you require. Our company relies on our client’s continued use of our service to help provide a steady revenue and income for our staff. By accepting your request, we may not be able to provide service to a current client. Hotel pet care includes a $15 surcharge per visit.
    Key/Fob Pickup and Drop offWe no longer offer a service to keep your keys (Exceptions may apply and we will work with you if you have an exception.). We ask our clients to provide a lockbox or some other home entry method such as key pads on your door or garage if you have them, hide-a-key, etc. Having a key hidden securely onsite ensures our sitters have access to your home without having to meet to exchange keys. When they do have to pick up keys, each time they are requested to visit your home or they have to meet a team mate to exchange the key, this requires extra time and the $4 key/fob pick up & drop off fee ensures they are compensated for their time and effort.
    Key MailingIf you have provided a key due to an exception and you request the key be mailed back to you, a $13 postage and handling fee is applied to your account.
    Late Payment Fee$10 at the discretion of our Invoicing manager. Payment for services is charged via your credit card on file two days prior to the first visit of your scheduled service. We work with you if there are any issues, however, if payments are consistently late, a late payment fee may be applied.

  • Do you administer medications?

    Little Friends Pet Sitting will administer certain medications and will attempt to administer medications as directed but cannot be held responsible for complications that arise as a result. Excessively shy cats with medical problems can be a serious risk. If you have such an animal, this must be thoroughly discussed. Under no circumstances will Little Friends Pet Sitting, LLC service any pet that has any form of contagious illness. This is for the safety of our other customers. Little Friends Pet Sitting, LLC requires that all pets have the necessary vaccinations and immunizations before service begins. If a Little Friends Pet Sitting, LLC pet care provider is bitten or exposed to any disease or aliment received from a clients pet, which has not been properly or currently vaccinated, the client will be responsible for all costs and damages that may incur.