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How Much Do Pet Sitters Cost?

Nationally, pet sitting rates vary from pet care center to pet care center. There are a number of factors that determine what kind of pet sitting rates you’ll pay, and what value you receive for that rate.

We’ll discuss what to consider when hiring a pet sitter, what services and amenities to look for in a pet care provider, and how your pet sitting costs might fluctuate from business to business.

Pet sitting in Charlotte NC

According to a recent article published by the Charlotte Observer, average in-home pet sitting rates can be as much as $140 for an overnight visit. But understanding what’s included in those services is important.

Charlotte is an exceptionally pet-friendly city, with lots of activities, accommodations, and amenities for pets and their parents to enjoy together. So it makes sense that the pet-sitting market would be highly competitive here.

While you could certainly find a cheaper in-home pet sitter, it’s unlikely you’ll have the same peace of mind that you would be using an insured, reputable company. Well established pet sitting companies in Charlotte offer higher standards of care for your pets, train and vet their employees, and provide easy-to-use platforms where you can schedule with the same reliable sitter every time.

When shopping around for a pet sitter in the Charlotte area, be sure to consider more than just the rate and the person you’re hiring. If you need a sitter you can trust to be on time every time, administer medication or a special routine for your pet, or you want human support staff available when you need help, carefully scrutinize your pet’s caregiving company and their credentials.

What’s included in your pet sitting rates

Today, pet sitters can watch your pet in the comfort of your own home while you’re away. This prevents the trauma of not only separating from your pet but leaving them alone with an unknown person in a new environment. “Boarding” pets is another option but can be very stressful for your pet.

In-home pet sitters often offer a full range of pet care services. The rate you pay will likely include feeding time, outdoor time, play time, and more. If your pet is a codependent sleeper and needs a human to sleep next to, many pet care companies will honor that request.

It’s important to check with your pet care company to determine what else is included in your overnight or day time pet sitting rate. For example, you might pay a higher rate for households with multiple pets, or pets with special dietary or medical needs.

Today, pet sitting companies like Little Friends even offer other in-home services while we care for your pet. When you’re out of town, we also offer services like watering your plants, drawing the blinds and bringing in the mail, and caring for your other pets, like birds, fish, and reptiles.

Additional pet sitting costs

Typically, Charlotte-area pet sitters will give you a single-visit price that includes everything mentioned in the aforementioned section. However, multiple visits will cost more.

As mentioned above, additional services like home care and the care of other pet types or tasks might cost more. Be sure to weigh your options carefully when considering pet sitting costs in Charlotte.

What to look for when hiring a pet sitter

As you begin comparing your pricing options for pet sitters in Charlotte, be sure to look for a few important things. Some of these might change depending on your needs and preferences, but we suggest gathering the following information from pet sitting candidates and their web pages:

– How much experience does this pet care company have? When were they established, and how are their reviews?

– Is the company bonded and insured? Are my home and my pet’s medical expenses covered if something happens?

– How easy will it be to get in touch with your pet’s caregiver when you are away? Is there an answering service, an app, or an easy-to-reach customer care center?

– How easy are the website and application to navigate? Are they user-friendly and responsive? Will you be able to find answers to any questions you might have?

– How reliable will your pet’s caregiver be? Will they be on time, communicative, and consistent? Will you be able to schedule with your pet’s favorite sitter again in the future?

In addition to the rate you’ll pay for pet sitting, there’s a lot to think about. When considering caregivers you can trust, consider us. Little Friends Pet Sitting is one of the most reputable pet care companies in the greater Charlotte area and is supported by professional pet care experts with reliable caregivers and a responsive, customer-first approach.

Check out how our services, add-ons, and rates compare to our competitors. Or, register on our site or app today and book the pet sitter that’s right for you.

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