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Most dog owners have taken their furry friends for a car ride at some point. Owners in Charlotte NC regularly take their dogs to one of the many dog-friendly cafes and bars in the city such as the Canine Cafe, Lucky Dog Bark & Brew, and Dog Bar.

However, travelling in a moving car can be dangerous for all passengers involved, especially the canine ones. Dog owners that wish to ensure the safety of their pets during travel will need to take some precautions before hitting the road.

Here are some important tips for keeping your dog safe on car rides.

Get a doggy seatbelt or harnesses

Seat belts are useful for keeping passengers safe during accidents and mishaps on the road. They are also effective at keeping your canine snug and secure at high speeds. However, traditional seat belts are designed to fit the shape of the human body, and may not be useful for securing dogs.

Dog owners can purchase special doggy seat belts and harnesses to keep their pets safe when the car is in motion. These doggy seat belts rest against your dog’s chest and abdomen and can be attached to your car’s existing seat belt.

Doggy seat belts come in a variety of sizes and can be adjusted to fit your dog comfortably. Check out your local pet supplies store to see what doggy seatbelt options are available for your dog.

Transport your dog in a crate

Some dog owners prefer to keep their pets in crates during travel. These crates are usually made of metal or plastic and can keep your dog relatively safe during accidents.

Large dogs typically require large crates that may not fit in most cars. Such dog crates are best suited for vehicles with ample space in the rear such as SUVs with folding seats, trucks with truck beds, or hatchbacks where the trunk space is connected to the rest of the cabin.

Most smaller dogs can fit into crates that can be placed on your car seat. These crates should be secured in place using your car’s seat belt. This ensures the safety of your pet and the other passengers in the vehicle.

Leaving your dog in the care of a dog sitter

In certain cases, it may not be feasible to take your dog with you on your travels. In these situations, owners may choose to leave their dogs at a boarding facility while they are away.

However, boarding facilities can be stressful environments for dogs, especially if they aren’t used to being away from their owners. A better option would be to leave your dog in the care of a friend or relative.

If you want your dog to receive the best care and attention while you are away, consider hiring a pet sitter to look after them. Pet sitters are trained to provide your dog with the personal attention they need to stay healthy and happy in your absence.

If you’re looking for a dog sitter to take care of your pooch while you are away, check out Little Friends Pet Sitting in Charlotte, NC.

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