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How many times have we beaten ourselves up because we weren’t able to stay home to take care of our pets? We all have other responsibilities and duties that require us to step out and leave our pets to themselves. Having the option of professional pet sitters has made our lives so much easier, and taken so much stress off our shoulders because we know our little babies are in good hands.

Pets Alone at Home

Your whole life might not revolve around your pet, but theirs sure do revolve around you. They adore you, they depend on you to feed them and let them out of the house so they can relieve themselves. Also, and they crave your company and love.

So it’s only understandable that they feel lonely or depressed when you are not around as much as they’d like. Small periods of time each day is fine; your pets can keep themselves busy and entertained in your absence by grooming themselves, playing with their toys, or simply sleeping the day away. But if you are gone for long periods of time, your pet will start missing you.

Loneliness and depression can manifest in your pet in the form of their refusal to play or exercise, a refusal to eat, which ultimately affects their physical health. They might also start acting out by becoming aggressive towards people or other pets, damaging things around the house, and soiling your furniture.

Pet Sitters to the Rescue

Some human company during the day can prevent your pets from becoming too lonely and can keep their emotional and physical health in check. Pet sitters are like a blessing for people who have busy routines, and as much as they want to, cannot stay around for their pets all the time. So, as professional pet sitter’s week rolls around this month (from 3rd March to 10th March), let’s understand and appreciate the service these people provide for us.

The term pet sitter is pretty self-explanatory; pet sitters drop by your place at designated times and intervals, to check up on your pets, feed them, and take them outside if they need to. They spend time with your pets, cheer them up, so they don’t feel lonely or depressed, and make sure they are comfortable. They report to you and reassure you that your pets are fine without you.

Summers are also around the corner, and many will be planning their vacations. You deserve a break and should be able to travel and have fun without worrying that your pets won’t be able to live without you. So travel the world, but before that, do some research and hire the best professional pet sitter for your fur babies.

Some of the factors you should be considering when hiring a pet sitter are:


Most pet sitters have packages that include the duration of the checks ups and duties you would like them to perform. Each package comes with a different price tag. A simple, 15-minute check-in is going to cost you more than an hour a day. Choose a suitable package that does not put a dent in your pocket, but does not compromise on your pet’s comfort and health.


Choose the best possible pet sitter there is in your town. Check to see if they have testimonials and reviews from past users, and ask around among your friends and neighbors if they have any experience with the pet sitting company you’re going to choose. Talk to the pet sitter and gauge whether they seem reliable and compassionate enough to be taking care of your pets. Even if the better option is a little pricier, it’s worth it. Your pet’s well-being comes above everything else.


Make inquiries and find out whether the pet sitter has the formal education, training, and experience to handle any and every pet emergency that might occur. They need to be quick on their feet and take immediate action in case something unfortunate befalls your pet.

For your part, once you have carefully selected a professional pet sitter, make sure to equip them with every little piece of information that might come in handy. If your pet has any medical conditions that they should know about, tell them. Hand over the vet’s contact number, and a history of your pet’s visits to the vet. Tell them if your pet has any special needs that you want the sitter to accommodate.

If you are planning a long vacation to the Maldives for the summer, or are going on a weekend retreat to the mountains, you can get professional pet sitters from Little Friends Pet Sitting and Dog Walking to watch your pets while you’re gone. Our pet sitters are trained to handle all sorts of emergency situations and have a strong sense of moral conduct and professionalism. You can rest assured that your pets are in good hands this summer!

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