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Little Friends Service Spotlight: 20-Minute Mid-Day Dog Walks

If you are a busy dog owner, you may have found yourself wondering whether your dog is getting enough exercise. While you hustle between a hectic work agenda and family obligations, your dog is lounging about at home. Dogs need to stay active! Even a short, 20-minute walk can benefit your dog’s physical health and emotional well-being. Little Friends Pet Sitting & Dog Walking, your Charlotte area pet sitter and dog walker, can help you to help your dog stay fit with a midday walk. Introducing your dog to Little Friends Pet Sitting & Dog Walking will give you so much peace of mind. Here are some of the benefits of our mid-day dog walks:

Physically Fit

Active dogs stay healthy. Physical exercise helps maintain a dog’s muscle tone and metabolic function. The amount of exercise that best suits your dog will depend on your dog’s breed, age, and any health issues. High-energy breeds such as Welsh Corgis, Retrievers, Terriers, and Poodles may be large or small in stature yet all demand more exercise than low-energy breeds such as Bulldogs, Great Danes, and Maltese. A dog’s breed and age can help you determine the type of exercise and the intensity level necessary to keep your dog stimulated.

Whether your dog prefers a casual stroll or an intense session of agility training, it is recommended that adult dogs spend between 30-minutes to two hours of their day exercising. Senior dogs may no longer be learning new tricks, but continuing to exercise at a slower pace or intensity level will remain beneficial throughout their golden years. Consult your veterinarian prior to arranging an exercise routine if your dog has any health concerns.

Little Friends Pet Sitting & Dog Walking will match your dog with a professional walker for midday exercise. Our walkers can offer anything from a casual stroll to hiking or even playing a game of fetch during a midday walk. You will know your dog is active with text updates including GPS coordinates and photos of your dog’s ventures. Midday walks are not only great for exercise but also give your dog a potty break and ensure your dog has fresh water.

Mentally Alert

Inactive dogs are bored dogs. Dogs are curious, intelligent creatures. Not only do they enjoy exploring their environment, but dogs also work hard to please their owners by following commands. When stuck at home all the time, dogs can become bored and might begin to exhibit destructive behaviors. Bored dogs often become restless and might pace throughout the house or begin to chew up shoes or bark excessively. Exercise keeps dogs’ minds alert and improves behavior. Maintaining an exercise routine with your dog also provides you the opportunity for ongoing training.

Our dog walkers will take your dog outdoors during a midday walk to provide an opportunity for your dog to explore smells, sights, and sounds in the environment. Your dog will get to enjoy physical exercise outdoors. They’ll also be challenged mentally to stay tuned-in to commands despite new distractions.

Inclimate weather or severe temperatures will not prevent our walkers from keeping your dog active. You can provide the dog toys and our walkers will initiate attentive, indoor play with your dog during a midday walk. Your dog will be mentally stimulated by the objective of finding a hidden object in a Kong ball, for example. Although less physically active, this mental challenge will prove an end to your dog’s boredom.

Socially Interactive

Socialized dogs are confident. Exercise presents an opportunity for your dog to interact with other people and dogs. Social interaction can be achieved during a midday walk down the street or a frolic at the dog park. Dogs who take part in a variety of experiences, with consistent exercise and training, tend to be less anxious than isolated dogs. Your dog will love socializing with Little Friends Pet Sitting & Dog Walking walkers and meeting new doggie friends along their midday routes.

Exercise with Little Friends

Your dog relies on you to provide opportunities for exercise. You can rely on Little Friends Pet Sitting & Dog Walking to exercise with your dog when life keeps you busy. Our walkers offer flexible hours throughout the morning, afternoon, or evening. This means your mid-day walks don’t actually have to be mid-day! Have peace of mind knowing an experienced walker is helping your dog stay fit, with a potty break and indoor or outdoor exercise, during a midday walk.

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