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Little friends is Now Merging With Swifto

After an amazing 14 years in service, Terry, the owner of Little Friends who has mostly been behind the scenes, has decided to retire and merge Little Friends with Swifto Dog Walking & Pet Sitting. We notified our team a few days ago, and they are excited about the transition!

We want to assure you that every consideration has been made to ensure all of our clients, beloved pets, and Little Friends team are in good hands, and so we’d like to clarify how it will all work!

The schedule will remain the same with the same pet sitters and dog walkers

Swifto will continue to have the same pet sitters and dog walkers you know and trust and maintain the loving relationships between your pets and their sitters. Rest assured, the same sitters will still be assigned to your adorable pets, and the schedule will remain the same. Swifto is new in Charlotte, so ALL pet sitters will be from Little Friends, and the same pet sitters and dog walkers will still be assigned to the same dogs and cats.

All preferred sitter information, including any preferences or rejections you have indicated, will be seamlessly transferred over. We understand how important it is to have consistent care for your pets, so Swifto will ensure that your scheduled visits remain unchanged and are still confirmed as planned. Additionally, Swifto requires only 5 business hours to guarantee a walk or visit, so any pending walks or visits will also be transferred over. Your pets will continue to receive the same level of care and attention from the sitters they are familiar with!

Your profile and pet’s info will be migrated over.

Your profile and pet information will be seamlessly and securely transferred to the Swifto system. This includes all details such as your contact information, home address, home instructions, pet profiles, feeding and medication instructions (if applicable), scheduled visits, preferred walkers, and more. The migration will occur in stages, and we and the Swifto team will keep you posted every step of the way. The only things that won’t be transferred are your credit card details; you’ll get an email link to add those in later.

Please note that no keys will be transferred to Swifto, and any keys we currently hold will be discarded unless you request their return. Swifto provides free lockboxes to their clients, so if you would like one, please let us know!

No Miscellaneous charges

Swifto offers a ‘Transparent Pricing’ policy: there are no extra charges for last minute bookings, holiday bookings, key exchanges, big messes, refunds, hotel clients, or any other charges not mentioned.

Walk Duration Pricing will be Grandfathered in

Despite offering higher pay to all dog walkers and pet sitters as part of this transition, Swifto will grandfather in Little Friends pricing per walk duration. Therefore, even though higher pricing appears on Swifto’s website, the pricing for all Little Friends clients will still be as follows:

  • 20 minutes will still be $23
  • 30 minutes will still be $26
  • 60 minutes will still be $38
  • Live in’s will still be $260


The 40-minute session will now be extended to 45 minutes, so the price will change slightly from $31 to $34. Overnight stays (which include two 20-minute walks) will actually be less at $110 per night!


The second pet will still be free if requested

For households with multiple pets, Swifto normally charges an extra $7 per visit for each additional pet as it pays the dog walkers and pet sitters extra per pet.

However, for clients who request this specifically, Swifto will add special pricing to their account so that the second pet will still be free, and the $7 fee per visit fee will only apply to the third pet and beyond.

This has to be requested specifically, though and needs to be selected for a specific walk or visit duration since, otherwise; the system will automatically apply the charge. You can fill out this form here to request this!

Packages and Pre-paid visits will be transferred over

If you have pre-paid for any visits or have any unused credit on your Little Friends account, rest assured that Swifto will honor the price you paid and will ensure appropriate credit is added to your account for these visits. The credit added will then automatically apply to any future invoices. Swifto does not have packages but instead has a loyalty point system where you earn points for every walk or visit completed, which can be redeemed in the future for free bookings. Swifto will, however, honor any pre-paid packages purchased by July 10th, 2024 and these will be transferred over as part of the credit transfer, too.

Racheal and I (Monique) will be transferring over as well

We are excited to share that both of us, Monique and Racheal, are transferring over to join the Swifto team! Racheal will continue to be your primary point of contact, and we will both be assisting Swifto in seamlessly transitioning you to become part of the Swifto family.

If you decide you do not want to continue service with Swifto, please let us know prior to July 15th, otherwise, we’ll be transitioning all our client’s and pet data to the Swifto platform effective July 15th onward. This means service will continue to operate through the Swifto platform with the same pet sitters you know and love, unless notified otherwise. Until July 15th, everything will continue going through Little Friends as usual.

Please give us a call directly with any questions or concerns or contact Swifto at or 980-399-5980. To schedule a call with Carmany the North Carolina Manager living in Charlotte, click here. Learn more about Swifto on their website.

Thank you for your support over the years. We are thrilled to transition to the capable and loving hands of the Swifto team, along with your current amazing pet sitter(s)!

🐾 Monique & Racheal

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