Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Service
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Professional, Trusted Pet Care for Charlotte’s Little Friends

Little Friends Pet Sitting offers expert pet sitting and dog walking services for your beloved furry companions in the heart of NoDa, Charlotte, NC. Our team of dedicated professionals is here to provide the love and care your pets deserve, ensuring they stay happy, healthy, and well-exercised while you're away.

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Dog Walking

Explore our professional dog walking services at Little Friends Pet Sitting, easily booked through our Time to Pet app or online. Whether you're home or away, we offer flexible scheduling and walks of varying lengths to keep your pet happy and active.

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Pet Sitting

Explore our professional pet sitting services at Little Friends Pet Sitting, easily booked online or through the Time to Pet app. We offer advanced scheduling, including overnight care, for a variety of pets, from cats and dogs to birds and fish, tailored to your needs.

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Home Care

We'll not only care for your pets but also tend to your home, including plant watering and mail collection, while our pet sitters and dog walkers provide dedicated care. Enhance your peace of mind with Little Friends Pet Sitting's home care services.

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With over 13 years of service across Charlotte, Little Friends is a neighborhood favorite.
Our professional, reliable staff members have assisted over 5,400 clients with compassionate pet care …
and the reviews show it!

Why Choose Us

Pet parents should choose Little Friends Pet Sitting for a personalized, stress-free pet care experience. With 5-star oversight, streamlined communication, and a comprehensive home care service, we provide peace of mind during vacations or workdays.


Time to Pet Software, Made for Pet Care!

Time to Pet software streamlines all aspects of pet care and simplifies scheduling for you and our Little Friends staff. Once you book service with us using Time to Pet, you’ll never go back to another pet sitting or dog walking service!

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Other Pet Care Locations

Rest assured that no matter where you live in the Greater Charlotte Area, Little Friends Pet Sitting is here to provide loving care for your pets, right in your own neighborhood.

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