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Long Distance BFFs: Bonding with Your Pet When You Travel Often

It’s said that distance makes the heart grow fonder. This may be true for people, but pets require consistency and dedicated time to forge a bond with their owners.

For many pet parents, travel is a necessity of life, whether it’s for work or leisure. If you’ve just become the proud mom or dad of a newly adopted furbaby, you may be feeling the pressure to balance bonding with your new friend alongside frequent periods apart. At times, it may even feel like you’re failing at this whole pet parenting thing entirely!

Don’t despair. Frequent travel and bonding with your pet is possible. Many of our Charlotte pet owners have made their adventurous lifestyle work in harmony with their dog or cat’s needs. Consider these helpful tips for bonding with your pet when you travel often:

Plan Your Itinerary

One common myth that pet owners tend to believe is the idea that you cannot have consistency with a long-distance schedule. Dogs, especially new puppies, thrive on patience and predictability. Even cats and many exotics are creatures of habit. Creating a pattern helps them to feel safe and secure around you.

Get creative with how you incorporate travel into your pet’s life. If possible, stick to the same arrival and return times each month. Your pet will quickly pick up on these cues. If your travel demands don’t allow you to plan ahead, develop your own sense of a routine. Set up your pet’s crate or sleeping area a couple of days prior. Bring out their favorite toys, or have specific toys and chews that indicate Mom or Dad is leaving. Give your pet a treat whenever you leave and whenever you return. This will allow them to recognize the norm and associate positive experiences with your routine.

Most importantly, ensure your pet has a trusted sitter to love them when you can’t. Little Friends Pet Sitting and Dog Walking is all about consistency! Our caring, diligent experts will follow your schedule so feedings, walks, and playtime need not change. A pre-planned itinerary lessens the stress and encourages trust and bonding.

Leave a Souvenir

Give your pet something to remember you by! Leave a favorite couch blanket or an old t-shirt of yours in their crate, bed, or cage. This trick is especially great for our exotic pet friends. Animals such as birds, chinchillas, and sugar gliders learn to trust you based on familiarizing themselves with your scent.

Make The Most of Your Time

Spend lots of extra time with your pet whenever you can. In the days and weeks leading up to your next trip, give your cat extra cuddles, schedule some bonus midday walks to burn off that puppy energy, or kick back with your senior dog and marathon your favorite shows. Whether your time includes obedience training, play, or a combination of these, your pet will remember quality time over quantity.

Social Butterfly

Take advantage of the opportunity to keep your pet well socialized with a variety of people. Young puppies and kittens are highly adaptable. A busy schedule isn’t always a bad thing! Getting your pet into a routine will significantly lessen the stress of leaving them as they grow older.

Think of pet sitting like preschool. Your furbaby gets some time away to socialize, build confidence, and make new friends. Don’t worry — we promise they will always love you the most!

The Comfort of Home

Kennel facilities make leaving your pet extra hard. Opt for at-home pet care whenever possible so your new BFF can continue to build their sense of security in their environment.

We’ll keep you updated with GPS tracking, visit report cards, pictures of your pet after each play date or excursion, and lots of love and cuddles!

Welcome Wagon

Traveling without your pet can be hard, but coming home is by far the best part! Encourage your pet’s excitement with lots of love upon returning. This will give your pet something to look forward to while you’re away.

Get started by setting up your travel schedule today! Little Friends Pet Sitting and Dog Walking offers automated, recurring walks, advanced appointment scheduling, and much more. So go ahead and enjoy that pet parent of the year award. We’ll be here when your next flight takes off.

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