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Celebrating National Walk Your Dog Day on February 22nd


Regular dog walking is one of the chores that you sign up for when you decide to adopt a dog. Dogs, unlike cats, need a lot of exercise to burn off extra energy, and the easiest way to do that is to take them out for a daily walk. Not only does it help your dog stay fit, but it also keeps you in shape as you take your furry friend out.

The importance of walking dogs has been stressed on enough by vets and animal psychologists. Not only does it give them a physical challenge, but it also provides them with mental stimulation, chances for socializing, and quality time with their owners. National Dog Walking day will be celebrated on 22 February this year and is the perfect opportunity to educate new dog parents about the benefits of regular dog walking. If you’ve been putting off taking your dog for a walk, this might convince you to be more regular with your dog walks.

Benefits of Regular Dog Walking

There are several benefits of daily dog walking, not just for your pup, but for you too. How often you should walk your dog often depends on the size, age, and breed of the dog, but it is preferable to take them out on alternate days, at the very least.

Walking your pooch every day might seem like a hassle sometimes, but it saves you from health and behavioral problems later on.

Health Benefits

This is the most obvious benefit of walking your dog. Most dogs nowadays stay indoors for the most part of the day, not having the space to play much. Dogs cooped up inside the house tend to become couch potatoes and put on weight very fast. Dog obesity gives way to serious heart problems. Regular dog walks give your dog the chance to run, jump, play, and do whatever its heart desires. It also helps develop their bones and muscles and burns off the energy from the food they consume to stop them from getting fat.

Socializing Opportunity

Dogs love meeting other people and other dogs! They are social beings and do not like staying alone. On a regular dog walk through the streets or the park, your dog comes across several other dogs and people. Interacting with them can help the dog become more social, confident, and less aggressive or mistrustful of strangers on the street.

Emotional Wellbeing

Statistics indicate that dogs who get regular exercise every day are happier, more energetic, and de-stressed. Dogs need company and amusement; they tend to get depressed without it. Dogs are sensitive creatures, and they need constant validation and confirmation of your love for them. They can’t get enough of it, in fact. So when you take your dog out and spend quality time with your pooch, they feel loved. That alone is enough to make your dog’s day.

Ideal Time for Training

There’s no better time and space to train your puppy than when you are already out on a walk and your puppy is already in the mood. If you were thinking of teaching your dog some cool new tricks, take them to an open space with little distractions, and make them practice.

So, this National Walk Your Dog Day, vow to be more punctual with the dog walks, and in case you’re unavailable to walk your pup someday, get a dog walker from Little Friends Pet Sitting and Dog Walking who can take your dog out for its daily walk. You’ll make sure that your dog gets its necessary fill of exercise for the day. You can choose how long you want the walks to be and pay accordingly. Check out our dog walking packages here.

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