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The future is now for pet parents and the furbabies they love! It’s time to revolutionize the way we care for our dogs, cats, and exotics when we’re out. Whether it’s a 20-minute midday walk or a staycation for your pet, Little Friends Pet Sitting & Dog Walking of Charlotte, NC, implements a personalized approach to keep you in charge of your pet’s care, even when you’re away. Presenting the Time to Pet app!

Time to Pet is an easy to use app that’s transforming the companion animal care industry. Little Friends is happy to be on board with the latest trends in technology to make our pet parents’ lives a little less stressful. Discover the benefits of a pet app for staying connected, informed, and in touch with your best furry friends.


There are enough challenges in our busy lives. Little Friends believes looking after your dog or cat shouldn’t be one of them. Through this top of the line industry application designed with clients in mind, scheduling is quick, simple, and hassle-free.

Set up a last-minute walk or home visit.

Communicate with our sitters and walkers directly through instant messaging to relay any last-minute changes, information on feeding and medications, and tips for your dog’s favorite walk.

Schedule recurring walks or at-home play dates so you can plan your pet’s busy social schedule well in advance — and save on the stress of last-minute worries.

Always Informed

Our caring, attentive sitters and walkers will provide up to date details on your pet’s day. The app features a built-in message section for each visit where owners can find notes on how the day went, fun and noteworthy tidbits from your pet’s adventures, and relevant details and observations (particularly key in special needs animals).

Sitters can even attach pictures of your pet to keep you from missing them whenever you’re away!

Q & A Your Way

The app features preset questions regarding important details like feeding schedule, potty notes, cage cleaning (we love our small pets and exotics!), and behavioral notes. In just one simple click, sitters and walkers can answer each inquiry in a timely, efficient manner. This allows owners to get a bird’s eye view of their pet’s daily routine and ensure consistency is maintained.

Every pet feels most comfortable when he or she is in their natural environment! The ease of technology allows an open line of communication between sitters and pet parents to ensure your pet receives the same level of care every time. This means the hassle of leaving handwritten notes is a ritual of the past. Emergency contact numbers, special vet recommendations, and pet preferences can all be preset into the app for each and every visit.

Easy to Use

For some people, the very idea of new technology gives them reason to back up and hiss. Luckily, there’s no need to go full angry kitty. This app is as user-friendly and straightforward as it is effective. The sleek design is reminiscent of the Apple products many of us know and love. Staying connected is just a button click away!

GPS Tracking Verified

One of the best features of the Time to Pet app is the GPS tracker. Unlike traditional kennel facilities where you’re never quite sure if your pet is getting the daily attention promised, the app notifies owners when every visit starts and ends. The GPS function allows owners to see their dog’s route in real time — or simply observe their cat’s daily lounging. Whichever side of the activity fence your pet lands on, you can rest assured that our professional animal lovers are always there.

Frequent flyers and those with a busy schedule will love how easy it is to stay up to date on where your pet is and what they’re doing. At any given moment, owners can check in and verify that their furbaby is receiving the best possible care. This feature gives owners the peace of mind they deserve.

When it’s time to book your pet’s walk or home visit, contact Little Friends Pet Sitting & Dog Walking for quality care that has everyone’s tail wagging!

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