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Providing an Enriching Environment for Your Cat

Cat owners often assume their cats are satisfied living in any comfortable indoor environment. While most cats have grown accustomed to the comforts of living indoors, they have also retained a lot of the hunting tendencies that their wild feline counterparts are known for.

These tendencies are usually mistaken as playful behaviour or curiosity in cats. But make no mistake: your cat is actively seeking out and hunting prey.

Cats usually require some form of stimulation or activity to help them express these tendencies. Cat owners can use the following tips to create an enriching home environment for their cats.

1. Fill your home with cat toys

Owners of energetic cats already know how excited their feline friends tend to get when you dangle a toy in front of them. Cat toys come in all shapes and sizes and can help your cat expend their excess energy.

Wand toys, balls, and mouse toys are the most popular types of cat toys. Cats love stalking, chasing, and trapping these toys, which function as stand-ins for actual prey.

Some cats only show interest in toys that move. For these cats, owners can find battery-powered toys that move around and are safe to use.

Other cats show no interest in toys but may enjoy playing with other household objects. Owners should make sure these items can’t be broken down into sharp or jagged pieces that could harm their cat as they are playing with them. Any such items should be kept out of reach.

2. Scratching posts

Cats often scratch objects to help them remove the dead outer layers of tissue from their claws, and also to mark their territory. Cat owners should not view scratching as harmful or destructive, as it is a natural activity that all cats must engage in from time to time.

However, owners that are fed up with their cats scratching and ripping through their upholstery should invest in a dedicated scratching post.

Scratching posts are wooden posts that are covered in a rough material that is safe for cats to scratch. Most cats enjoy using dedicated scratching posts; however, some cats may have grown too accustomed to scratching household items and may ignore any scratching post you present them with.

So make sure the pet store you purchased your scratching post from offers a good return policy.

3. Get them a friend or companion

There are limits to how much entertainment your cat can derive from inanimate objects. The best way to help your cat expend their excess energy is to play with them. Most owners spend ample amounts of time playing with their cats when they are at home, but these cats may get bored and restless when their owners are away.

To avoid this problem, many owners choose to get a second cat. This second cat can entertain their existing cat and help them stave off loneliness while their owners are away.

However, certain cats may have trouble getting along with other cats in their home. If your cat has difficulty socializing with other felines, you should avoid getting a second cat.

Instead, you should hire a pet sitter to look after your cat when you are at work.

Pet sitters are trained to take care of your cat and look after their every need. This includes feeding, cleaning, and of course – entertainment. Your cat will be happier and stress-free under the care of a pet sitter.

You can find a great pet sitter to look after your cat at Little Friends Pet Sitting in Charlotte NC.

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